Quickslants: InMusic Festival, Blues, Mademoiselle, Randy Abel, Ill Nino and more

It’s that time of the week where we look ahead at the next few days and all the musical goodness they bring to us. There’s plenty of action in and out of town to keep everyone happy so without further delay, let’s kick it:

Thursday July 28

Cranberries @ Wukesong
Dolores and her gang visit Beijing and bring back memories of the mid nineties when they were one of the hippest most dedicated bands around. I’m not exactly sure what they’ve been up to over the past few years but I’m nevertheless looking forward to seeing them rock old smoggy with good crowd pleasers like Ode to my Family, Zombie, Animal Instinct and more.

Randy Abel Stable @ Jianghu
The self proclaimed (and rightfully so) Hardest Working Bluegrass Band in China takes over Jianghu for what promises to be an inspiring performance filled with blues, country, folk and Appalachian sonic goodness. The band has progressed tremendously since their debut a few months back and I’m sure hoping they capitalize on their chance to get a record started.

Friday July 29:

Mademoiselle @ Jianghu
Yes, we’re still big fans of the Montreal Mynx over at ‘daze central. Marie-Claude and her gang deliver each and every time they play their brand of Gypsy folk-infused Jazz. She’s won over just about everyone that has gone to see her play and the CD was good. Still, maybe it’s time for some new tunes… as long as she keeps on singing “le grand mur”, I do not mind.

InMusic @ Zhengbei:
InMusic festival kicks off in the grasslands of Zhengbei with Ill Nino and Omnipotent Youth Society headlining day one. The lineup is solid, no doubts about that. Here’s just hoping they have managed to work out the logistical kinks that plagued last year’s edition. If you manage to make it out of Beijing by Friday, please let us know how it went. Should be a blast!

Beijing Blues Festival @ CD Jazz Cafe:
This one really flew out of the radar but it should be great entertainment by one of the places that is extremely under-valued in Beijing. It’s actually pretty rare that i even mention them on the blog but I should by all accounts do it more often. Tickets are on the pricey side at 150/day but you’ll get a drink with it and access to some pretty solid Blues judging by the program. Goes on for 3 days.

Saturday July 30

Inmusic festival and the Beijing Blues festival will both be in their second day with pretty good lineups. SUBS should be rocking the grasslands with their new lineup.

Buyi @ jiangjinjiu
Ningxia rockers will be playing old faithful. The place was supposedly scheduled to be demolished back in March but it’s still standing strong. If nothing else, it should be a decent way to spend saturday night in the hutongs.

Brain Failure Acoustic @ Jianghu:
Looks like acoustic is the new black folks… after Chunqiu and Miserable Faith, it’s now Brain Failure’s turn at trying low key performance inside Jianghu. I’m not sure how I feel about this one but it could be crash waiting to happen. Or maybe they’ll do the punk thing of breaking their acoustic instruments mid-show to plug in and tear the roof off the venue.. Not sure Tian Xiao would appreciate though.

Sunday July 31:

InMusic day 3:
This one can be called the lineup of the year as far as festivals go: Nanwu opens up day 3 before Xie Tian Xia, Tricky and Cui Jian close things off…. holly molly! That’s a strong strong strong case for heading out to the grasslands. I’m pretty darn close to just saying “fuck it” and go out there but not quite.

Ill Nino @ Tango:
I really wanna see these guys. They’re on their second China trip and I’ve missed them the first time around. I’ll probably also miss them on friday so this will be my one chance to catch them this year most likely. The records are so-so but I hear amazing things about their live shows and I’d like to experience their brand of metal for myself.

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