GROWL 4: They came, They Rocked and it was FUN

Pilot records has undoubtedly some of my favorite Chinese acts signed up. They’re on the heavier side of things and keep rock alive with a good mix of bands and regular shows. The 4th edition of GROWL was just like that this past week when ZuoYou, CMCB, Suffocated and The Face joined forces together and rocked the shit out of Mao Live.

I didn’t make it there on time to see ZuoYou (but I will, one day)..however, I did get to see CMCB for the first time in almost a year. I discovered the China MC Brothers at Pilot’s festival last year and they impressed the hell out of me. Enough to go out and get the record right away. They didn’t disappoint in the few songs I heard them do! Their “这里是北京” is one hell of an enticing song and get the crowd going every time. To their credit, they do actually play instruments, do solos but also use a DJ… not one of those “everything is sampled” bands..

Suffocated was up next and I was smack down front front row for that one… and baby it was special! They’re doing everything right from theatrics to a heavy sound, nasty drums and growls not to mention more stage presence than you can throw a gorilla at.

I’m gonna have to make a continuous effort to try and get their songs because they get the crowd in a trance and I wanna understand what they’re saying. The place was just jam jam jam packed for this fucker with a few people that are quite discriminative towards other bands praising them.

The Face closed the show much to the delight of the local fans who are very much into their pop metal brand but you could tell that the hardcore-fans had already walked out. They still put on a good show with some impressive music arrangements including Diao Lei’s drumming… if the singer had a rougher voice and smiled a little less, oh babay…. They’d be mean and good! Still a fun band to check out after all these years.

Overall a fantastic edition of Growl with decent bands and a packed Mao Livehouse, like it should be, for a few bands that have paid their dues and stood the test of longevity in Beijing.

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  1. Hey Badr,

    I have their music, so if you wanna have a closer listening to it, send me a mail…