Round 3 of Banned Songs in China: Owl City, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears

So, by now, everyone has heard that the ministry of being politically correct and decent in China has issued their 3 list of banned songs. Interestingly enough, a lot of these are actually from the mainland or across the straight like Chang Hui-Mei…
Notable victims as far as western artists go are Lady Gaga and Kate Perry with Britney making an appearance thanks to a madonna cover. Not that the original Madonna song is readily available on Chinese music sites….
maybe this particular department of the Chinese government has good taste after all 😉 *tongue in cheek*

All fun and games folks…

click the thumbnail for the full list.

4 Responses

  1. Rob says:

    Could you translate the list and send it to me? Many many thanks.

  2. Evanna says:

    Wait. Owl City is banned? For what reason? I find this extremely offensive. >:(

  3. Andy Best says:

    The interesting thing is the usual ambiguous official response. They say the songs simply ‘haven’t been submitted for screening’ and yet refuse to say what they screen for. If we take it that some are approved and some aren’t … then there has to be a specific criteria for that which cites practical examples.

    This screening must be done, even for sites, like Baidu Ting, that have the legal right to post them now. So we can disregard piracy as the motive.

    Of course, were they to make it public it would fall apart under any level of scrutiny which is why they don’t.

    Leak, anyone?

  4. Annie Owl says:

    Next time I go to China, I will blast Owl City out from my laptop everywhere I go. They are banning imagination! A few months ago Adam Young had traveled to Hong Kong for a concert and everyone knows his lyrics. Now what? OMG China. LET’S BRING OWL CITY BACK!!!!!!