Beijing Intercity Festival 2011: Cui Jian, BRMC, Pretty Reckless, Biohazard, Second Hand Rose and More

Pilot Records is doing it again folks!! After bringing Ill Nino and Trail of Dead last year to supplement their stable of excellent local acts, the gave the nod to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Biohazard and Pretty Reckless to make the trip this year!
Of course, the usual suspects are all here as well including Cui Jian, Miserable Faith, Second Hand Rose and more… This intercity thing is setting itself up as a worthy successor to the defunct and missed Chaoyang Pop Festival….
The Pretty REckless with Taylor Momsen is innofensive Barbie rock but most of the other acts are legit!

Last year, plenty of drinks were available and catering was handled by Tim’s Texas BBQ… Here’s hoping it happens again! The final lineups and time slots were released earlier this week: Here ya go:

A couple of interesting notes:

Cui Jian is closing the thing again. I’m getting the impression that festival organizers have finally learned to put the biggest possible name on that slot otherwise everyone is pretty much gone. I’m sure Pretty Reckless will have a the biggest audience and Pilot Records is really pushing them on weibo.
Miserable Faith is slotted at a surprising mid-afternoon appearance… that’s pretty darn weird to me!
There is no mention of the “school stage” this year but unlike last year, there are 2 big stages with different headliners.. I like that!

It’s gonna be one hell of a busy weekend with an inner-mongolian music fest at Mako and some other shows all competing for audiences

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2 Responses

  1. John Wiberg says:

    Hi, I live in the U.S. and will be visiting China and will be in Beijing when the Intercity Festival is going on and would love to check it out. Question: how can I get tickets? Their website is in Chinese only. Can I walk up and get tix the day of the festival or do these things typically sell out? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

    • Beijing Daze says:

      Hey John,

      You should be able to buy tickets at the gate without any problems. Just go to chaoyang park and find your way to the middle of things