Rant: Emitter Wins Tiger Translate Battle of the Band- Beijing. Forgive me while I Puke

now, disclaimer::: We at Beijing Daze claim no responsibility for anything that happens to musicians found randomly chocking on bad wigs! unless my hand is found holding said wig and shoving it down their throat

yeah, sorry, I have this uncontrollable urge to puke just thinking about this battle of the bands… A few months ago, someone commented that a book like “Big in China” was hurting the industry just as it is starting to get some credibility! Sorry folks, I don’t think the industry or the audience need any help with that: They’re extremely talented at shooting themselves in the foot and with cause!

Allow me to rant!!!

Last friday was the Tiger Translate battle of the band over at Tango and I was very much inclined to go check it out! The bill included Army of Jade Kirin along with Xie Tian Xiao and that was good enough reason for me to go! There were also bands good enough supposedly to beat Misandao out of the competition which is no easy feat considering their fan base.

Anyways, I had the displeasure of arriving as Perdel was playing an extended set during which I had to fight this urge to get up onstage and shove their moptops down their throat… god bless them and I wish them all the happiness in the world but if I am faced with their brand of indie britpop rock one more time, I might and will puke!
I’m not gonna bother with a show review because I did walk out disgusted.. I felt I was better off going back home to pack boxes than torture my ears and maybe that was worth it… see an excellent review of the evening by The Beijinger’s Michelle Dai

So, Emitter won…. Go listen over on douban then let me know what you think! yeah.. that’s what i thought…. a bad AC/DC clone with an absolute lack of originality wins one of the better organized battle of the bands I’ve seen in a while! Do I even wanna go there? I would have been less upset if per(mophea)del won! How the hell is one supposed to take this seriously as far as underground goes? This was CCTV-fied underground and thus no longer deserving of credit.

I got nothing against the kids from Emitter or what they do! but when your song is a mashup of AC/DC songs with a bubblegumrock chorus thrown in, you cannot/shouldn’t win a competition like this… that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. If the audience didn’t have a clue, someone else with knowledge of music should have been there to make the call.
It really sucks because i thought Tiger Beer did a bang up job promoting this competition and planning everything for it.

Grumpy weekend it was!

7 Responses

  1. Ruby says:

    Hahahahaha, ok, Perdel are really not my style either, but they are uber cute, good at what they do and the crowd were lapping it up. I got no issues with them at all, I’m just not ‘paying’ to see them!

    I agree with your comments on Emitter though, I spent the whole set thinking “Please don’t play the AC/DC mashup, please …” And then they did. I would have really liked to see Army of Jade Kirin win as they deserved it, they’re crowd pleasers, they’ve worked hard playing and hanging out at Mao, seeing what their competition is doing and doing it better.

    But seeing XTX is a smaller than festival venue was worth the rest of the bands! Even if he didn’t play ‘Wo Bu AI NI’ this time.

  2. Ami says:

    I <3333 Perdel.

  3. Beijing Daze says:

    @Ruby: I’d definitely put Perdel up above the others but ..but…but… I’m still considering doing more interesting things with their moptops *Evil Grin*

    @Ami: You have indie-moptop-bias :-p

  4. Nick says:

    I think you’ll be hard put to find many ‘battles of the bands’ with much credibility anywhere in the world. They tend to be Serious Business for those involved with them, but no-one else really cares that much about them – especially venue managers and other musicians!

  5. kopde says:

    just saw this one… so funny… i saw emitter’s first show in the competition… almost ALL the judges voted for them that i didn’t understand at all… (http://www.thebeijinger.com/blog/2011/07/26/Queen-Sea-Big-Shark-Reflector-And-Unstoppable-Young-Powers) and then they competed with three terrible bands in the semi final; then Misandao, A.J.K and Gaofeng & G-Eleven that I thought were the three strongest groups were put in the same group… then it was the final…
    btw… can you put more sarcasm in that “excellent”? haha…

  6. Jonathan says:

    Yo, that was a very funny post, but a “Battle of the Bands” shouldn’t really be taken too seriously. These things are stunts man, music isn’t about competition, its about expressing yourself. If you want a battle, go watch a football game or play laser tag. Just my 2 cents.

  7. Robin says:


    was there that night too and totally disgusted by the opening act, not interesting and didn’t move me at all. and of cus was appalled by the outcome that a really bad ACDC wanna be won.. don’t know if you can understand chinese but the sentimental speech given by the guitarist was so fucked up I couldn’t stop laughing..