Music Videos and News: Rustic, AIS, The Unsafe, Muma and more

A couple of little ditties from the scene to hold you guys up! It’s looking like a busy weekend ahead but we’ll address that in the quickslants later this week!

Remember The Unsafe ? I really dig the band and think they have interesting potential.. They showed up for an Ok set at the Punk Festival last month after the album release and even managed to get a music video out for “Don’t Look Back”. It’s got a little DIY feeling with a lot of gloom and doom. Worth a few minutes

Rustic is ready to take over the UK finally… something they’ve been promised as part of winning the Global Battle of the Bands a year ago ( man, it seems so far away). The boys left Beijing this weekend and should be there by now. While this has been out for a while, I’ve only recently seen their video for “Girls are not yours”. It’s actually cute…

not to be left out, the Amazing Insurance Salesmen, on hiatus while frontman Jean Sebastian is in France, also have a video out for the song “in the park”…. this one is a montage of footage from all over the place, mostly what looks like their performance at Zebra and GBoB. I like the concept if it’s really a concept with the “park” being a metaphor for the music arena out there. Video is only of Sina and I can’t figure out how to past the fucking thing in here so click to see it.

A bunch of lineup changes have happened over the past few months that are interesting or intriguing. Kick Ass sees the departure of good friend Mess Xiang along with the band’s drummer and bass players. The new lineup is a 4 top and it’s sounding pretty good from what i heard last sunday at the queen tribute. I’m digging their new bassist and drummer.

Bad Mamasan has found a new drummer as well with Nico whom most of you have seen playing around town with Mademoiselle amongst others. They’re sounding fairly bad ass and it seemed to me like they might have reworked some arrangements but I gotta listen again to be sure.

Finally, from all accounts, the new MUMA record is sounding over the top bad ass: “Heavy” “Industrial” and “Rocking” are some of the adjectives I’ve been hearing thrown around. I’m really looking forward to this one.

so there u have it… a few news from around the scene

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