Follow the (White) Black Rabbit this weekend and don’t be late!

There’s been a lot of talk recently about a certain rabbit coming to town, and no, we’re not talking about the one who brings us chocolate or the one who lead Alice into Wonderland! You may notice we’ve been a little quiet here about this weekend’s Black Rabbit festival, due partly to BD being away this weekend and not wanting to think about what he’s missing. So BD close your eyes & block your ears for a minute, while I talk up what I’m up to this weekend!


So it’s the end of summer and I know you’re probably thinking “Another festival? Haven’t I already seen all the bands at other festivals? Why is this one special?” Well, the short answer is “When was the last time you saw Ludacris in China?”

And the long answer … this festival is trying to do something different, they’ve got international acts (Grandmaster Flash, 30 Seconds to Mars, Yellowcard), they’ve got some big name mainstream Chinese acts (HeBe, CiaCia, Peng Tan) and then they’ve got our favourite local indie bands (Carsick Cars, Hanggai, Nanwu). They’re trying to combine the best of International and Chinese festivals in one day, to cover all the bases and have something everyone will want to listen to. Seriously if they can pull this thing off inside the city limits, without the anti-fun police shutting them down or an international artist going drama queen and still give us some alcoholic refreshments to get us through, then it’s going to be an awesome day.

You’re probably not gonna see me checking out HeBe and despite my buddy G’s persistence (by giving me her usb that has them labeled as Beastie Boys!) I am not 30STM’s biggest fan, but here are 5 acts I’m looking forward to seeing:

Rainbow Danger Club

Rainbow Danger Club (Shanghai) – I am stupidly excited that these guys are coming up to Beijing! If you haven’t already checked out their beautiful album ‘Where Maps End’ do yourself a favour and check out their bandcamp now!

For A Minor Reflection

For a Minor Reflection (Iceland) – Never heard the name before, but Icelandic instrumental post-rock and touring with Sigur Ros has grabbed my attention and their myspace has some great tracks.

Marianne Diassard

Marianne Diassard (France) – If you like Mademoiselle and Hot Club of Beijing, then don’t miss this French-American singer-songwriter.

Wang Wen 惘闻

Wang Wen 惘闻 (Dalian) – No idea how I haven’t heard of them before, since they’ve been around for over 10 years! They cite my favourite band, Smashing Pumpkins, as an influence and I can hear it in their meloncolic rock.

Omnipotent Youth Society 万能青年旅店

Omnipotent Youth Society 万能青年旅店 (Shijiazhuang) – BD has mentioned them a few times here, I have their album and love it, but this will be my first time to see the Shizza rockers live. They’re scheduled for the same time at Rainbow Danger Club, so this is going to be a tough choice!

If you haven’t got your tickets yet, you’ve missed out on a sweet discount, but you still have time to grab one (from these super convenient places)so you won’t miss out on all the fun! So pull out your rabbit ears (or kitten ears, I know we all have a set of those hanging round) and hop down to Chaoyang Gymnasium this saturday to check it out!


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  1. Froog says:

    A really good – bilingual! – website as well. That’s something of a novelty for a Chinese music festival.

    NB – according to the website, Hebe and Nanwu and a few others are playing the Shanghai event only.

    Good picks here, Ruby. I’m particularly curious to check out more of this Marianne Diassard.

    However, since I have absolutely no interest in Ludacris or Grandmaster Flash, I don’t think the lineup overall is worth that ticket price for me.

    And while I’m curmudging – it’s only just “within the city limits”. Out on the East 5th Ringroad, freakin’ miles away! OK for Eastsiders, I guess; but from where I’m standing, it’s half-way to Tianjin.

  2. Ruby says:

    Yes, I take it there’s been a lot of changes to the schedule, due to visa/performance licence dramas. I’m not concerned about Hebe, but we did get Rainbow Danger Club (they were supposed to be Shanghai only) and Nanwu do play here often enough, so it’s all good. I did have Titus Andronicus is my top 5 as well, but they sadly can’t make it at all 🙁

    I’m with you on the hip-hop/rap acts, still getting over being thoroughly disappointed by Kanye and Lupe Fiasco at previous festivals to bother with them!

    If you’re only interested in Marianne Diassard she’s playing a side show at Yugong Yishan tonight as well.

    We were a bit spoilt last weekend with Chaoyang Park, but at least it’s not Huairou, Tongzhou, Changyang or any of the other ‘might as well be Hebei” venues this year!

  3. Beijing Daze says:

    shame I’m missing this but then again, the only ones I’m really interested in are RDC, Grandmaster Flash and Omnpotent Youth.

    Froog, Marianne definitely sounds like an intriguing option. I’ve had her yugong show tonight bookmarked for quite sometime.

  4. Grace says:

    that usb/categorisation thingie, it’s really an honest mistake Ruby. 🙂

    Just got my ticket today from Damai, am totally looking forward to it on Saturday! 30STM here I come!

  5. Froog says:

    And then of course there’s the issue of getting back to Yugong in time for Dirty Deeds!!!

    I think I will give Marianne a try tonight – work overload be damned!

  6. Ruby says:

    Dirty Deeds is Sunday – you planning on walking back Froog?

  7. Archie says:

    Thanks for the support guys. It’s a pretty mega labour of love, but it’s all going to be worthwhile on Sunday night. And there are tickets for either of you Daze-heads if you manage to make it down. Just gimme a call (hit me up PM on FB Badr for my number)

    Love love

  8. Froog says:

    The Beijinger says Dirty Deeds are on Saturday. And some other sources too, I think. Didn’t see it on the Yugong weekly e-mail.

  9. Jia says:

    Eminem will be a white rabbit if he shows up. Chuckle. The music festivals have been live streamed on Youtube in US here and it attracts online fans worldwide. Wish one day we can see Chinese festivals online.

    Will you access Facebook or Twitter? Post pictures. I’d like to link to them.

    Have fun at the festival!

  10. Ruby says:

    @Archie Thanks, really looking forward to it! Like I said, if you guys can pull this off, it’s going to be awesome, just like a ‘Big Day Out’ back in Australia.

    @Froog YGYS website, and the guys tell me it’s Sunday. Although it’s not like the expat mags to get a listing wrong … 😛

    @Jia Yes, I watched Coachella on youtube and listened to Splendour in the Grass (Australia’s biggest festival) via online radio this year. Would be great if someone could do that for Chinese festivals too. If you weibo, many bands will post links to youku or tudou videos of their festival sets. I will be throwing some pics up on my blog during the day if you want to follow along (, otherwise there’ll be a round up here next week!

  11. Jaime says:

    Two things… well, three….

    1. The rags here are wrong a lot and it’s really annoying but T.I.C. I guess… look at the websites instead if your are interested in certain foreign rockers here and where and when they play… I think it’s on purpose sometimes 😉 pretty much zero support with the facts checking departments…

    2. Grand Master Flash was awesome awesome awesome… damn fun!

    3. Archie and crew nailed it…great job and Grand Master Flash was freakin awesome. Time for you guys to take a nice holiday, eh? \m/

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