Hippy Hip: Frooging along for 5 years of Barstool Blues

In Bloglands, 5 years is an eternity… to keep something going for that long takes dedication, especially when it’s non-profit and mostly unrewarded! Well, today, our buddy Froog is celebrating 5 years of blogging over at the Beijing-centric Round-The-World Barstool Blues (sorry, needs Vee Pee En)

Froog has been around Beijing for quite some time enjoying the Beijing’s alehouses, livehouses and other establishments scattered mostly in the gulou area. He’s seen many an establishment come and go, many a band disband and has kept his brand of extremely BIASED sarcasm (some might say grumpiness) intact through it all.
Sure we disagree on a few things ( think donkeys) but we also happen to share an appreciation for all things music in Beijing. Froog has been a fervent supporter of the local scene through it all despite not getting the recognition!

So, here’s to you mistah… one tipple on ‘daze for when we meet in the haze!

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  1. Jaime says:


    \m/ 5 years! \m/