7 years of Yugong Yishan: Still the King of Live Music in Beijing

Gee… It’s been quite some time since I got lost and wondered into this little hole in the wall, across from worker’s stadium and just past nanjie, to find a dark hall with a pool table, a stage, orange t-shirts with sporting the bu chai slogan and got served a Gin & Tonic by a friendly blond lady named Doro. Heck, I can even remember the first gig I saw there, which was a small little band by the name of Chasing Stars.
Granted, it took me years to find out the name of that band and they’re still around, sometimes… That was my first encounter with Yugong Yishan, sometimes back in 2006…

fast forward a few years to 2011, that place has changed locations, vibe and even crowds but one thing remains a constant: Yugong Yishan is THE sacred mecca of live music in Beijing! While it might be shaking on its throne, Yugong Yishan remains the reigning King of the scene!
Sure, some strong challenges have been mounted courtesy of Mao Live, 2 Kolegas and even D-22 but as the proverbial saying goes: To Be the best, you gotta beat the best… none of them has yet!

I have gone on the record so many times criticizing Yugong for sound quality, prices, sound quality, sound quality and sometimes sound quality… I hold them to a higher standard befitting their status and I wish they did the same.

Fact is though, it’s the only venue that manages to pull off the biggest names and unknown-est nobodies with the same panache! It’s also the only venue to do so many genres consistently, catering to locals and foreigners alike. Doro and Gouzi are doing it through thick and thin, keeping this show on the road for 7 freaking years….

so today, for a change, I’m gonna be nice and just send out a huge THANK YOU to both of them as well as their loyal staff that hasn’t changed in a few year!

Join them for the 7 Year Itch celebration this Friday featuring:


MICKEY ZHANG + DIO [o2culture/Yen]
YANG BING [3345]
SUKI + ELMAR [Great Wall Party]
沈岳 + ERIC LEE[芥末]
糖蒜放音乐 [凯泽、Demone | 及乐队穿插换台音乐]

It should be a fun party