Hotel California: The Chuanr guy’s version

I love weibo… every so often you get the weirdest stuff on there and today is no different!
Here is a version of Hotel California adapted by a chuanr guy (kebab) in Beijing with completely reworked lyric sheet.

Sha Jianwei, Originally from Yunnan, came to Beijing to become a singer then fell on hard times…or so the story goes. He sang this song for a coworker’s farewell and it has since then caught on weibo and sohu like fire after some dude uploaded it. It’s quite a funky version and I like the lyrics

I’ve kinda used a bit of Google Translate help then edited the rest… correct me if my translations are wrong.

Walking on an deserted street, dead leaves are dancing in the wind.

many sleepless nights, walking with no destination.

Came to the city 2 years ago, still I don’t belong here.

But I can’t go back home, must stay for my dream,

Which is like the far away light, just out of reach.

Only some ephemeral beams, enough to keep me going.

I turn around and walk into the tunnel with my wooden red guitar

Gently play that tune, sing freely,

This is the best spot I sing at, filled with strong hope.

Maybe you have heard of this sad song

When walking into the dark tunnel, making a living.

We all had dreams when we were young,

so you have grown up and you’re sophisticated,

But please take a moment, listen to my song,

And look back on your path, have they all gone?

Please take a moment and listen quietly

To this song for the young, and sing along with me.

Maybe a cool set of lyrics to learn for those guitar players at open mic night around Beijing?

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2 Responses

  1. Froog says:

    He plays a nice guitar – a stronger suit than his voice, really.

    Any idea where that restaurant is? Looks pretty big – was wondering if it might be on Guijie somewhere.

    We should try and check this guy out, before he gets spirited away by China’s version of Simon Cowell.

    • Beijing Daze says:

      yeah, he’s not bad! No idea about the restaurant so far but given that he’s been big on weibo, the human flesh search engine might have already tracked him down.