Happy 10th Anniversary to The Beijinger and Tickets Giveaway.

My first encounter with That’s Beijing The Beijinger, or more specifically the people behind it, goes back to February 7th 2005 for Superbowl XXXIX at the old Goose & Duck over at the west gate of Chaoyang Park.
At the time, I was residing in Tanghsan, Hebei and my satellite dish broke down on the eve of the superbowl. Not wanting to miss the fun, I hopped on a train to Beijing (4 hours), dragged my ass to Poachers Inn and looked up Superbowl parties in Old Smoggy. I figured that the party ran by the main magazine should be a good enough choice…. turns out it was!

I met General Manager Michael Wester that day at the door and we had a lovely conversation at the end of which he gave me a bottle of Montrose labelled white wine for being the person that traveled farthest to come to the party… I’ve been a loyal fan ever since.

Almost 7 years later, I live in Beijing and still consider The Beijinger as the overall top expat rag in town. They might not have the best writers, or corporate backers but they try harder than most. They’re the everyday Joe Laowai’s expat rag. Sometimes trashy, sometimes classy but always sticking to their gun and having integrity…. (one more bottle of wine please, thank you!). In the time they’ve been around, they’ve survived rebrandings, name changes, partner changes, the olympics, SARS, Swine Flu and more… how about that? There’s plenty of business that can’t even survive their own opening. Congrats guys… let’s have a few toasts on Saturday.

The party takes place from 4 to 9 pm Saturday October 15th at Sanlitun SOHO with free flow of alcohol, nibbles, Live music by DUDE and a whole bunch of DJs..

I have 4 tickets to giveaway to saturday’s bash and I’m gonna give them away in pairs (2*2). To win said tickets, leave a comment with the name of a song from the past 10 years ( must have been released in 2001 or later) that describes your average Beijinger and explain why you chose that song.

I will personally pick my favorite answer (2 tickets) and then do a random drawing for the other 2 tickets. Contest ends Friday October 14th at 3:00 p.m.

Here is an example:

I pick Lose Yourself by Eminem from the 8 mile soundtrack. The lyrics can describe many a foreigner I’ve met over the course of the years that came to Beijing and changed completely. They either found themselves or lost themselves in old smoggy.

谁写我最喜欢得回答能赢。。。 有4张票能赢

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10 Responses

  1. Ruby says:

    Am I allowed to enter this?

    I pick ‘Beijing Is Not My Home’ by Demerit.
    Because no matter how long we live here (Laowai or non-Beijing hukou Chinese) we are constantly reminded this is not our home. Whether we chose to come or were sent here, whether we love the city, or are just riding out our time here – we still have fond memories of home and going back there. It’s sung by a Chinese band, but in English, so it’s also about trying to express emotions in what is not your first language, something many of us deal with on a daily basis.

  2. Ami says:

    zhongnanhai by carsick cars. anthemic, indispensable, irrepressible.

  3. Lodgerly says:

    没钱没朋友 – in3
    Bad Romance
    99 Problems
    Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites
    Harder Better Faster Stronger
    The Churn Of The Century
    Hard To Explain

  4. jtdj says:

    左小祖咒 – 《北京画面》
    Zuoxiao Zuzhou – Beijing Huamian


    The lyrics couldn’t encapsulate more about life in Beijing for so many people than this 14 minute song. And its beautiful.

  5. Nicole says:

    Piano Man by Billy Joel

    I just moved to Beijing a few months ago but I love how this song reminds me of the city in a sense that its about all the different people, where they come from, their histories, dreams and how they all came to be in the same place at the same time. Its kind of like that in Beijing– everybody has such different stories and motivations for being here, it def captures it for me.

  6. handmama says:

    I would say in Queens of the Stone Age’s “No One Knows”… because no one knows what a Beijinger is really like. You can ran into a drunken fool at the den who turns out to be a CEO of some company. But you can also ran into someone eating chuan’r on a sidewalk that might be the CEO of some company

  7. Willis says:

    I think it would have to be “Do Not Move” by the Pet Conspiracy – I’m talking about when they still had Helen Feng. When I first heard that song the first time live it really threw me for a loop – let me explain. In an attempt in impress on a first date, I took a girl to LAN Club, which is basically the most ridiculous and outlandish nightspot I can think of here in Beijing. I heard that Holy Ghost! of DFA records was playing there, so I figured between that and décor out of Alice and Wonderland, I was sure I could get a goodnight kiss. Little did I know that there was a opening act, by some band named Pet Conspiracy. Let’s just say that five minutes later, I was ready to ditch my date and run away with the lead singer, who I later was told was named Helen Feng, and the music coming out of those speakers. My mind was literally blown. I didn’t even bother staying for Holy Ghost!

    So yeah it was “Do Not Move” – with its dirty lyrics of ‘stay inside me’ and its sexiness literally oozing out — which sums up Beijing and I think why Beijingers stay here – it’s a intoxicating city which once you’ve had a taste of it, it becomes hard to leave, like a drug, or like Helen Feng singing sweet nothings to me.

  8. kira says:


    “Nobody But You” – The Wonder Girls

    One of the most popular pink rhinestoned cellphone ringtones, and because we’ll never move to Shanghai.

  9. Megumi says:

    By far the song that makes me think “Beijing” is 李楠’s 我的2008. I found it through a magazine called So Rock! (我爱摇滚了!) a bit over 3 years ago. With phrases like 猪肉昨天又涨了一块八毛三 or 堵车不断,这么多的稀奇事儿我看不明白 immediately made me feel like I stopped being the silly foreigner humbled by the big buildings and was able to know a bit more of what’s lying behind the walls of this city. It was also the first “protest” song I ever heard that I could understand what it said, so it also made me feel like I was doing a good job. Plus the intro of the song, with those traditional sounds, so typical Beijinger!
    On a brighter side, I also like 北京土著 by 张伯宏, but I thought it’d be a little too cliché to talk about watermelons, hutongs and excessive rrrrrr’s. Hey, at least I didn’t go for One Night in 北京!

  10. Beijing Daze says:

    contest in now closed!!! winners to be announced soon