China Underground Rock Radio: Alive & Well and Ember Swift at Number 2

Well, who’d have thunk it… I’ve been completely missing out on the fact that there is a rock radio, much less that there’s a weekly chart on its 103rd week of existence over at Sina:
It’s just come to my attention and I’m extremely surprised to see some very familiar names on there like The Unsafe, Rustic, Queen Sea Big Shark, The Fuzz and…. Ember Swift.

Now, not only am i surprised to see that there is this particular avenue for bands to get some recognition, I’m even more surprised to see that a foreigner is clocking in at NUMBER 2 for this week… Ember 子玉 is almost at the top with her song “Laowai – The Expat Anthem” How about that? Perusing through previous lists, you can even see bands like Long Shen Dao and Proximity butterfly listed. Ohhhh yeahhh

Big big congratulations to Ember Swift for breaking through this chart with a band of made up of Laowais singing about a Laowai.
Voting is open for next week’s edition of Rock Charts with Wang Bao 王宝和正午阳光 far ahead of the curve but you could still vote for the others and help them get higher up on there.

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