Enjoyable Helen Feng Interview by Artspace in Australia

I know the last few write ups that involve Helen Feng fronted bands were less than enthusiastic… That is not a reflection on the person though, it’s an opinion on the music. Helen Feng, the person, is still one of the more talented and well spoken persons I’ve met from my years roaming around China. She’s just got a way with words and pretty interesting opinions.
I published an interview with Helen over a year ago when she parted ways with Pet Conspiracy. I still consider it to be one of the better ones I’ve ever done.

Now, ArtSpace China, courtesy of the University of Sydney, has gone ahead an published their own interview with the Feng lady while she’s touring down-under with NovaHeart. and it’s a good one: Helen touches on the current Chinese music scene, GLBT and more.


Some choice quotes:

[The Music Scene in Beijing] It’s huge – it’s getting bigger and bigger. And although it is starting to split out into different genres there is still a lot of crossover. There’s kind of a roots punk scene, and a metal scene, but in the end people just hang out with each other.


China is an independent culture, and people get that. It’s not Hong Kong, because Hong Kong was a British colony. And it’s not Taiwan – Taiwan basically became an outpost for the US military, like Korea. And so even though all these cultures supposedly hold onto more traditionalism than China, what they didn’t hold onto was an idea of country and state. I don’t think Taiwanese people feel this mass feeling of country and state. They feel like they got kicked out of their country and now they have the US looking after them! They don’t have this sense of self.

and much more…

It’s definitely worth a read even if you don’t agree with all she says!

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