Capital M Literary Festival Comes Back to Beijing for a 2012 Edition

As most of you know, the Bookworm Literary Festival is taking place throughout march with quite a few of the events already sold out… The folks behind it, and i have no less than 4 friends involved, are doing a great job but I’ll get to blogging about it soon enough. That said, there is a new kid in town: The Capital M literary festival, that’s coming back for a second edition.

The folks behind it have been operating the Shanghai edition for a long time already and that one rivals the BILF in terms of scope, attendance, and authors. The Beijing edition is making baby steps so far but it’s good baby steps! I made it to quite a few of the talks last year and they were enjoyable, well organized but unfortunately not well attended. I’m hoping this year is different!

* visit the festival’s website over here
* download the festival’s program here:

The festival takes place over 2 weekends with a few other scattered sessions in between. They’re kicking things off this weekend at 11:00 a.m. with sinologist Geremie Barme talking about the intrigue surrounding Hangzhou’s West Lake.

I’m mostly interesting in some of their food-related events including that with Harold Mc Ghee that deals with the art and science of cooking! I’m also quite intrigued by the March 1st session with Jeff Fuchs who will share with us his stories about a grueling 8 months spent with Himalayan muleteers.

The sessions are all RMB65 including a drink which makes it beyond a bargain… come in, grab a glass of wine, relax and listen to a talk. Be warned that things might not start on time though… last year, it was fairly common for sessions/talks to run 30mn behind schedule. It’s Beijing..

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