2012 Strawberry and Ditan Folk Festival Annouced

Weibo is becoming essential in getting news out these day and Modern Sky is doing just that: They’ve just fired up a Weibo about the 2012 edition of Strawberry Festival.

As you can tell, the dates are between the 29th of April and May 1st which is an interesting timeframe. The festival, according to the poster, takes place in Tongzhou despite earlier reports that they might have gotten kicked out of the park. I’ve been there a few times and had bad experience on each of them so this is in no way an endorsement! They just happened to be the first! The early lineup announcement is also nothing to get excited about!

Yesterday, I had some interesting conversations with folks over at Blue Stream Bar as well as Temple who mentioned that the organizers behind the Ditan Folk Festival are at it already! The lineup should be announced very soon with a lot of familiar names and a few surprises. The tentative dates are end of April as well
No information yet as far as MIDI goes….

With this being “election year” in China, I was a bit on the fence about what would happen but it’s looking like it might be business as usual.. if that’s a good thing!

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