Brain Failure Acoustic Gig Video Available

Last year, Brain Failure joined a the likes of Miserable Faith and other rockers in doing an acoustic show at Jianghu.
These kinda gigs are always risky, especially when a band depends a lot on fast riffs, distortions and what not. I didn’t make the show for whatever reason and kept wondering what it was like… until now!
The video for the whole show, all 45mn of it, was just posted on Youku and it’s sounding pretty darn good. They’re planning another one on April 27th that I’m definitely gonna try making!

who’d have thunk it? They can actually play their instruments ( tongue in cheek comment)

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3 Responses

  1. Ruby says:

    Lol, you posted this last year …

    Memory slipping with old age BD?

  2. I really liked this the first time you posted it. Almost better this time.