Flash News: Intro Music Festival 2012 Forced to Relocate to Crab Island

I don’t delve much in Electro but i figured some readers care and it might be a good thing to pass this information i just got..
Man, talk about last freaking minute change! Venue change 48h before the festival…. That must suck for the organizers.

“Even though INTRO got stamped paper from Ministry of Culture, Government of Chaoyang District, local police still don’t allow it to take place at 751 D-Park. We were required to move to a venue outside of 5th ring. But the good news is, there is a very cool place, Xiedao ICEC(http://www.xiedaoicec.com), only 30min drive from 751 D-Park. And, thanks to the venue change, with the same line-up, now we can party later, until midnight! And after party at Lantern Club continues!”

Buses will be available departing from 751 D-Park in 798 and Wudaokou to Crab Island starting from 1pm. 10 RMB round-trip will get you to the new venue.

This is not a good year for organizing festivals apparently…

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