Lao What Turns 11- And You’re All Invited

happily tucked around the corner from the forbidden city, Lao What is and remains the place where tons of bands go to cut their teeth and get somewhat ready for bigger stage. The place has rabbid following amongst musicians and for good reasons. Funny thing is, despite their location, they are probably the only music venue that’s never had a problem or been shut down despite the various crackdowns this city sees… and they’ve been at it for 11 years folks! this is pre-olympics, pressers, pre-swine flu era…. how about them ‘bones?

to celebrate, Gao Bo is throwing a bunch of cool little events throughout the holiday week so if you’re a music lover, no excuse not to make it there at some point, have a drink and a dose of music. Here’s the schedule:

September 29, 9:30 pm no problem “reggae party” one drop band – free

September 30, 9:30 pm candy monster, Zao Ban Che, dj green monkey – 40

October 1, 9:30 pm Pangbianr Night– 40 includes a beer

October 2 the Beijing punk night- 60 includes a beer

October 3, skarving & discord – Free

October 4, 9:30 pm ballad tribal Ryoko – 30

more info on their douban:

see u there

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5 Responses

  1. josh says:

    10/1 isn’t an electro night, it’s a pangbianr night:

  2. Beijing Daze says:

    thanks for catching that Josh.
    my bad chinese in action again 🙂

    one day, you’ll have to set me straight on the differences between all those types of music

  3. josh says:

    haha will do. thanks for updating Badr!