Gig Warning: New Orleans Jazz at 2 Kolegas Tonight w/ Carl Leblanc

it’s no secret that i like my music loud, hard and fast as you can tell from the amount of heavy rock shows covered on the blog but i do have a soft spot from a lot of things New Orleans, especially Big Easy style jazz… it’s just fun soulful music unlike anything else around. And we don’t get enough of it in this city, not even during the Jazz Festival.

Tonight at 2 Kolegas, we’re getting some of it and as usual, it’s gone below the radar.. i’ll get to quickslants tomorrow but still, here is a “heads up” folks.. Carl LeBlanc and the Big Easy Street Jazz Band will be bringing that Nola magic to the drive in and you should definitely try to catch it.
check out Carl’s website for more info on him.

let the good jazz roll

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