4th Annual MIDI Awards 2012 – Here we go again

The good folks at MIDI have been very busy this year dodging bullets, setting up festivals and even branching out into Electronic music. Somehow though, they still found the time to plan out their 4th annual music awards…

We’re set for December 16th at M Space, the 2000 seater venue adjacent to the Wukesong Mastercard Arena… I’m looking forward to checking out the space since i was given a preview of it last year and haven’t really seen a live gig in there. I expect the sound to be perfect if nothing else!

Details are still a bit scarce on the event but we’re looking at a commitee made up of 120 people that will handle the nominations for the following categories:

1、最佳年度摇滚专辑 (Album of the Year)
2、 最佳年度摇滚歌曲 (Song of the Year)
3、 最佳年度摇滚乐队 (Best Rock Performance By Group With Vocals)
4、 最佳年度摇滚男歌手 (Best Male Rock Vocal Performance )
5、 最佳年度摇滚女歌手 (Best Female Rock Vocal Performance )
6、 最佳年度硬摇滚乐队 (Best Hard Rock Performance)
7、 最佳年度金属乐队 (Best Metal Performance)
8、 最佳年度摇滚乐器演奏 (Best Rock Instrumental Performance )
9、 最佳年度摇滚现场 (Best Live Performance )
10、最佳年度摇滚新人奖 (Best New Artist )
11、最佳专辑设计奖 (Best Album Art)
12、最佳民谣音乐奖 (Best Folk Music)
13、中国摇滚贡献奖 (Contribution to China Rock)

see you December 16th

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