Xie Tian Xiao New Album: Illusion due in March

I love me some XTX… Since the first time i’ve seen lao Xie on stage, i’ve been a huge fan of his and truly believes he deserves the “king of live” title

Thing is, since his half assed reggae record two years ago, there hasn’t been much in term of new material and the “black night” compilation through modern sky doesn’t count. I’m lucky enough to run into him on a regular basis and have been pestering him about new material non-stop. Finally, there are news to report:
The new record is pretty much ready! The album is titled 幻觉 (illusion) and it’s due out in march. Fans of the Cold Blooded Animals record should be delighted as he assures this is a return to the raw sound.

can’t wait for March to come around… I really can’t wait. I’m looking to get some tracks soon and report.

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