Perpetual Motion Machine: new album preview video

It’s seems like yesterday that Perpetual Motion Machine released their first album 天启 (Apocalypse), they’ve been on the road most weekends for the last 6 months playing album release shows all over the country and selling their album and their two very cool t-shirts.

Well, it seems they’re living up to their name, they have a new album ready to release next month. 皇城饮恨录 (Imperial City Diary) will see the band looking back at the history of Beijing in their lyrics, while still playing that great old school rock we’ve come to know them for.

They’ve put together this great little video introducing the new album, and there will play the new tracks at a preview show at Blue Stream Bar on the 18th of this month. Oh, and they have new T-Shirts too – you can get them & preorder the album on taobao here.



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2 Responses

  1. Beijing Daze says:

    digging the new shirts… i really gotta get me one