Sound of the Xity 2: The China Music Conference and Showcase Festival Returns

if nothing else, these cats are creative and make risque posters!! Last year, they has a whole bunch of naked guys doing their best.. this year, the poster makers reached out to the ladies from Moonglow Burlesque.
Posters aside, the conference and shows take place in April throughout Beijing, Xi’An and Shanghai. Expect more information about this over the next few weeks and months.

From their press release:

“Sound of the Xity”, launched by SX-Music in 2011, is an ongoing branded activity comprised of periodically-held events. Sound of the Xity events provide a single platform for musical performances, modern performance art, industry talks, and cultural exchange for young artists from around the world. This platform draws together the subcultures and related products that spring up around the central core of music, presenting these to artists, industry professionals, the cultural industry media and young audiences in different cities all around China.
Sound of the Xity is working toward becoming the most substantiative single platform for international modern music and cultural exchange in China and the most effective choice for the international development and growth of local music and related subcultures.
“Make Music Big!” is a playful yet serious motto, aimed at making the ideals and artistic energy of modern music the mainstream pulse of modern urban life. The “Sound of the Xity” theme for 2012 is “The Relationship Between Chinese and Western Music and Encroachment Between Chinese and Western Music.”
Events begin in March and will last for 30 days. Performances will be held in Beijing, Shanghai and Xi’an, 15 shows in all, including live modern music, international music industry talks, music documentary university tours and music culture round table.


The folks over at SX-Music are really interested in getting more of an outside perspective including foreign speakers and bands to take place in this series of events so get in touch with them and see if you caan work things out. To give you an idea, these are the folsk behind Hanggai, Namo and they have brought over bands like La Pegatina for some sweet China tours.

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1 Response

  1. Tim Lies says:

    Dear Organizer:

    I am the front man for Abominati, a Beijing rock band with an international mix of American, Canadian, Russian, and Chinese members.

    We are cutting our debut album now and should be done by the end of March. We’ve played all the clubs in Beijing, and I have personally performed over 100 shows in China and toured the nation.

    We hope we can perform at the music conference and/or other events of yours in 2013.


    Tim Lies