Jue Festival 2013: Back for (a lot) More and some picks

one things we can’t blame the folks at spli-t for is to be lazy or underachieving. For the 5th ( am i counting right?) edition of their Jue Festival, they haven’t really toned down their attitude and if anything, they’re setting themselves up for even more work than last year.
I remember that for last year’s edition, you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing one of their events: amaricana workshop at hotcat, concert at jianghu, art exhibit here, something else there… I was exhausted just keeping up with it. I wish them good luck and unlimited supply of red bull and espressos over the next two months.

There are a few things standing out right now in the lineup with probably more to come:

Mongolian Bling // Mar.14 – Yugong Yishan
Forget about nomads and monks! It’s hip-hop that’s making Mongolia move in the 21st century. Join JUE | Music + Art and the film’s director/producer, Benj Binks, for the China Premiere of insightful yet exciting new documentary, Mongolian Bling… Screening at 7:00ish followed by Q&A then performances from film stars Gennie and Quiza, Beijing MC Nasty Ray and members of Hanggai.

Matzka // Mar.15 – Mako Live house
This is one hell of a cool band from Taiwan. Reggae with aboriginal characteristics! I’ve been aware of them for a while now and they freaking rock!! Do yourself a favour and block out this date.

Woodie Alan Reunion Show // Mar.17 – Jianghu
This one is gonna be like a car crash if we open the floodgates like the last time Alan Paul was in town. Some folks will argue that without woodie, this is not a real reunion. ‘nuf said

Punk Rock Noodles // Mar.19 – Hutong Cuisine
Lei Jun, frontman for the punk icons Misando and owner of a noodle joint will be leading a cooking class for all. For a small extra donation of Jack Daniels, you might learn to Oi with the best of them. Doc Marten’s optional but preferred.

Gang of Four + AV Akubo // Mar.20
Do I need to explain? That’s probably one of the highlights of the festival as far as i’m concerned.
There’s a heck of a lot more happening with music, literature, Films, Community and other events so check out their website for up-to-date details and enjoy…

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3 Responses

  1. Archie says:

    thanks for the love ‘Daze crew. we missed you these last few weeks

    come one, come all. it’s gonna be fun

  2. grace lee says:

    just bought my ticket to see Gang of Four/AV Okubo! Stoked! btw, love BeijingDaze’s new look. 🙂