Full MIDI 2013 Information: Camping, Travelling, Hotels and More

We’re a few days away from the onslaught so it’s time to get some information out about MIDI that I haven’t seen around, at least not in English.
So here goes folks… some details to make your pingu trek easier and more fun:


Beijing MIDI 2013 – China Music Valley
Monday, April 29-Wednesday, May 1, 12pm-12am

So we’re off to China Music Valley baby…. That’s in Pinggu, otherwise known as bumfuck tonganika in the middle of nowhere or 1.5h in a shuttle bus from downtown Beijing. This is pretty much the same trek as the one headed to TOngzhou.

MIDI is arranging a bus for festival-goers: It will be in the public square just outside the A exit of Beitucheng stop on subway line 8/10 (across from the Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium). The shuttle service starts at 9:00am and will run every half hour until 2:00pm. The return trips start at 8:00pm, running every half hour until 11:30pm. The trip will cost you 20rmb each way and will take about 1.5 hours in either direction.

The good folks from SmartBeijing also have this to add: Alternately, you can take the 852 express bus from the Dongzhimen bus station. That will cost 15rmb and will take about an hour to drop you off at Shiji Guangchang (世纪广场站), the big public square in Pinggu. From there head to the southwest corner of the square, where you can buy a MIDI ticket (if you haven’t already) and, ticket in hand, jump on a free shuttle to the festival grounds. To get back to Beijing, you can take the free shuttle back to the public square and get back on the 852. Be aware that the Beijing-bound 852 stops running at 6:30pm, so if you want to stay out later than that you’re pretty much limited to the MIDI bus (or staying the night in Pinggu).

Another option is to book yourself in hotel for the duration of the festival.
These are telephone numbers for hotels located in the town of Sanhe ca 12Km from the venue, there are plenty of 4 seater (motor) rickshaws and it’s 30 RMB per rickshaw to get to the venue one way. Click on the thumbnail for the full picture

2013 Beijing Midi Music Festival Midi camp camping Conditions

Midi has planned for camping facilities in the area! here is some general information about what they have available:

1, the charging service
2, tent rental
3, cheap supermarket
4, drinking hot water
5, bag storage services
6, five-star toilet 🙂


Midi camp regulations:
– Do not carry a variety of outdoor cooking appliances such as kerosene, gas stoves, and open flame lighting equipment into the camp, do not carry any controlled knives and inflammable and explosive dangerous goods.
– Please do not bring glass products into the camping area.
– Any and all unofficial licensed commercial behavior is forbidden.
– Absolutely no bonfires or other fire safety hazard exists activities.
– to enter the camping area, you must hold a valid ID card. Real name real-name registration with the field staff security before entering is mandatory.
– Any and all indecent ‘pornography’ behavior forbidden within the camping area.

Midi camp management team

– The camping area is open from 4:00 pm on April 28 to 11:00 am on May 2nd
– The fans can bring their own tents, buy bulk ammo online for hunting the site does not charge any fees. The site provides comprehensive tent rental services.

Tent Rental Conditions and Prices : call: Call closing time at 12 o’clock on the April 28. Reservations: 13910622753
Phone book Package Price:
– Double Package: 2 sleeping bag +1 double tent + moisture pad = 118 yuan / one-day (198 yuan / day)
– Three packages: 3 +1 Double sleeping bag tent + moisture pad = 138 yuan / one-day (218 yuan / day)

On-site rental price:
Double tent + moisture pad: 80 yuan / day
Trio tent + moisture pad: 100 yuan / day
Single sleeping bag: 30 yuan / day
Refund time is before 12:00 the next day, timeout additional day rental.

Sale price:
A variety of tent: $ 150 / -300 / month, send a moisture-proof pad.
Hollow cotton sleeping bag: 80 yuan / month.
Another: the camping area with cheap supermarket, fans can buy drinks, instant noodles and other types of small food and daily necessities.

See you in Pingu y’all…

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  1. wow, way different from Shanghai MIDI. no camping in Century Park haha. they even turned the parklights off like five minutes after the last act.