Metallica in Shanghai: Get Ready for Tickets

been keeping away from this one for 2 reasons: being busy and not having much more to say that: yeah, Metallica is gonna play freaking Shanghai. It’s our loss Beijing but here’s hoping we can work something out the next few years. For now, the band has gone ahead and confirmed the rumor/gig on their own website so that’s one hell of a good start:


as if that wasn’t enough, we now know more or less, from AEG, when the tickets are going on sale online: Friday 10:00 a.m
If you’re one of those folks from Beijing planning to head down there for the gig on August 13th, i strongly suggest you get that mouse and keyboard ready if you want the cheaper tickets.

Maybe see you at the show… still debating whether this gig is worth the 2000 rmb for ticket + train to get there.

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5 Responses

  1. Marcio Parmigiani says:

    How can i get a ticket in Shanghai because sold out in a few moments?

  2. BluesLeo says:

    MR. Parmigiani
    I have a ticket of 980 for sale.
    The seat is sector 222, line 11.
    Well .. the price will be higher than 980.
    If you have interest plz contact me at

  3. Mario Arancon says:

    Hi. Anyone has a ticket for sale for the metallica concert in shanghai. Im looking for one. It seems that all tickets on all areas at the event are already sold out.

  4. Judy says:

    Please contact me if you have 2 tickets to Metallica Shanghai concert:

  5. Colin Lai says:

    Hi guys, I have several section A tickets available now for the newly added 14.8 show, it’s going for 3,000 RMB per ticket; will offer discounts for more than 2 tickets purchased, while stocks last. Its your last chance to watch Metallica ! Seller pays for courier delivery from Shanghai to Beijing. PM – for more info. Thank You