Stable of the Stable: Exclusive Tout Va Bien Premiere and How Many Jones’

A shrewdness of apes, a flange of baboons, a ostentation of peacocks, a gaggle of geese, a coffle of asses… collective nouns are fun! Not that i’m a grammar freak or anything but i just like them. Today one the menu, a stable of the stable.. and yes, I know that it’s not grammatically correct. It seems like not a day goes by without those rowdy rustbowl troublemakers of the Randy Abel Stable having something out in the news. You’d almost be inclined to think that they’re serious about their music. :-p

So, latest offerings are two fold:


1. Tout Va Bien MV

First, we got ourselves, exclusively, (that sounds douchey) a little DIY music video for the song Tout Va Bien off their debut album. If you read the review ( Stable COndition Review), i really enjoyed that little tune and I dig the lyrics. Randy has a way with turning life’s little ditties into entertaining songs.

it’s a cute little effort. While i would have done this baby completely differently, i endorse this little effort! in many ways, it captures the band through backstage hangouts and live performances to packed houses. AS a matter of fact, tout va bien for them!

2. Who’s Mr. Jones:


To celebrate this week’s 48th anniversary of the release of Bob Dylan’s ground-breaking album “Highway 61 Revisited” The Randy Abel Stable is going to have a little fun. If you can tell us how many Bob Dylan song references can you find in the “Who’s Mr. Jones” lyrics (which you can find below) you have a chance to win a CD of our debut album, STABLE CONDITION. Let us know by Twitter: @RandyAbelStable or on Weibo: randyabelstable before August 30th as winners will be announced on August 31st at our Jianghu Show in Beijing.


Say, who’s that man? Who’s Mr. Jones?
Make ‘em all shiver down to their bones
Well, alright, he brought it home again
On the night that Bob Dylan rocked the Beijing Workers’ Gym

Like a rollin stone, tangled up in blue
They kept a hard rain a-fallin ‘long the watchtower, too
Well, alright, rollin and tumble-in
On the night that Bob Dylan rocked the Beijing Workers’ Gym

Haters wanted times a-changin, wanted blowin in the wind
They called him out a Judas, screamin “Lawd, Bob sinned!”
Well uptight, their world view was grim
On the night that Bob Dylan rocked the Beijing Workers’ Gym

Say, who’s that man? Who’s Mr. Jones?
I heard a thin man cryin like a freight train moans
Well, alright, although the odds are slim
Bob Dylan rocked for Freedom at the Beijing Workers’ Gym

© 2011 Rustbowl Refugee Music

The Stable is having a little party for Stable Condition over at Jianghu this Friday. bring on the stetsons and chug some bourbon.

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  1. The Randy Abel Stable show is at the Jianghu Bar on Saturday, August 31st.