SUBS Unleashed: Yours MV and a Chance to be on their next Record

It’s no secret that i’m a huge SUBS fan… sure, i gave them a fair share of criticism when they changed to a 3 piece but with time, they’re back to being SUBS. I still wish they get a bass but i’ll take them as they are now with renewed energy and ferocity. I’ll also be ever thankful to the band for playing 2 editions of dazeFEAST and also one of my birthday parties. They’ve been ace!

So when good things happen to them, i’m beyond happy. In this case, they got themselves on the soundtrack of A chilling cosplay 制服, an upcoming action thrilled starring Simon Yam and Vivian Hsu.

Sexy video featuring the band, a few models and movie outtakes that is well done IMHO. The song in question, “yours” is a SUBS classic from their 2008 EP 我们没有走进二十一世纪 (we have not entered the 21st century) and i hope this encourages them to re-release their catalog one day. It’s almost impossible to find those older records nowadays.

Since good news come in pairs, the band announced recently that they were working on a new record 《YOU ARE YOU 你是你》 and seeking to crowdfund it via, a Chinese version of Kickstarter. As of today, the campaign has raised over 12000 RMB.

Contributions range from 30 to 10000 RMB and get you all kinda goodies from a signed album to an opportunity to be on the record singing with the Band. how about that? Who wouldn’t want to be in a studio with the band, singing on their next album and getting credit for it?

Check it out here:

You will need to speak Chinese or ask a friend that speak chinese for help… and here’s hoping that you will do so! This Band has made a living out of being underground DIY, keeping their integrity in a business that lacks it big time.

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