Getting Creamed with Dispatches from Xinjiang

Man i’ve been bored… I could keep giving you guys news and reviews of all the same shows but there is only so much i can talk about the same bands.. I need a fresh perspective! And i did find one in the most unlikeliest of places: Beijing Cream.

I’ve been subjected to the dreamcast before which was tons of fun and i’m always looking at their content as big time tongue in cheek. However, one of their regular columns has been feeding me tons of food for thoughts: Dispatches From Xinjiang:

Dispatches From Xinjiang is a weekly column by Beige Wind, an anthropology doctoral student who studies urban living, popular culture, and the arts in the cities of Northwest China. He runs the website The Art of Life in Chinese Central Asia, which attempts to recognize and create dialogue around the ways minority people create a durable existence, and, in turn, how these voices from the margins implicate all of us in simultaneously distinctive and connected ways. Here are the posts in blog view.

it’s a goldmine of ethnic music information, from pop to rap… I highly suggest you hop on over there and get a little taste.

good stuff.