Rock n Roll Goes Mainstream: Li Xia hits Sing My Song

ah.. the sweet joy of underground rock going mainstream!! We’ve seen suffocated on TV for the Euro, we’ve seen the likes of carsick cars on commercials and now, here is the next step.

Li Xia, frontman extraordinaire of Li Dong and Nucleus, has made the jump to TV with the new series “Sing My Song“, a Chinese take on The Voice.

It’s really weird seeing him in this setup, playing a Nucleus song without 2/3 of the band… Still, this can only be good news for all parties as i’m guessing his name (and subsequently theirs) is gonna sky rocket. The grungy 午夜快车 (Midnight Express) is a strange choice for a show like this but it only means that Li Xia will be able to stand out even more. It’s looking like he does have the judges excited!

Talking about judges, Li Xia decided to go with Liu Huan, who’s quite the name in the Chinese pop industry and has performed a duet with Sarah Brigthman at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics… pretty sweet.

I’m gonna try to keep up with the show and see how far our ningxia buddy gets

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  1. March 3, 2014

    […] kills it – just look at those judges’ faces, they can barely contain my enthusiasm. As BeijingDaze states, this is gonna push Li Xia and company to sure stardom, perfect timing as Dos Kolegas opens […]