VOODOO KUNGFU (零壹) – Back from a Coma

Last year, I was beyond sad when i wrote about Li Nan leaving Beijing and Voodoo Kungfu behind as a result of being admitted to the Berklee College of Music.
Tears and blood were shed at the band’s farewell show at Mao Live that stands as one of the most emotional events i’ve ever been part off… I mean you look up the word “intense” in the dictionary and that show’s flyer is on there. Seriously!

Wel, I had hoped that in LA, Li Nan could resist the temptation of getting back to the stage and kept both ears open as well as a hopeful eye on LA’s underground scene.. and..and.. it happened:




New Band, a good story and what seems to be a very good supporting cast to get pagan ritual Mogolian music to the top!! I’m gonna keep my eyes open for any video that pops up but for now, I’m just happy that this is taking place!

The new band is as follows:
Nan Li- Vocal
Veronica Ricci/K- backing and manager
Yasutaka Nomura- Guitar
Giacomo Pianigiani- Guitar
Lang Zhao- Drums

There’s quite a bit of creative writing that has gone into their bio but hell with it.. the voice from Hell sends its greetings through [Li Nan’s] music and performance

Go Li Nan.. Go Voodoo Kungfu!
Keep up with them on twitter https://twitter.com/voodookungfu01 and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/vdkungfu

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