curtain falling on a Beijing institution: Beijing Rob’s last week

Rob Oh’guitar Lein aka Beijing Rob aka Guitar Rob aka Robert aka “that dude from open mike night” is leaving us and it is truly a sad day for Beijing as one of the people that have made a big difference in this city’s live music scene is about to bid us all goodbye!

How can I describe Rob? Heck, can anybody describe Rob? Or does anyone realize the impact this smiling texan has had on the Live music scene in Beijing? Let’s see if we can go over some of his influences:

– One of the original Altruistic Alcoholics
– started open mike night at the now defunct Browns
– started open mike night at the now defunct 5:19
– started open mike night at Tun
– regulars gigs at Paddy O’shea, Tun, Enoteca, Rickshaw, Lush etc…
– Bejing’s #1 fiend of buffalo wings

ain't never met a wing he couldn't tame

ain't never met a wing he couldn't tame

The guy oozes music from his pores and has been singlehandedly responsible for getting me as well as dozens of other people back into playing guitar.
His tuesday night open-mike session at Tun over the past year has bridged the divide between sanlitun and wudaokou with folks from both ends of the city gathering there to jam, drink, chat and just generally be! People flew from out of town to be able to take part into said open mike night!!! how is that for a recognition?

Ok! So he might not be the greatest guitar player on earth, and some folks I know question his ability to play in tune but at the end of the day, he is a not-so-mean, lean (lein), entertaining machine that keeps on strumming all night long with the same intensity wether he plays to a packed house or no house!

man.. i should have skipped on those chillies tonight!!!

man.. i should have skipped on those chillies tonight!!!

If you haven’t had a chance to see him in action, it’s not all lost yet! You can catch rob for open mike night upcoming tuesday ( June 2 ) or the following one ( June 9 ) starting 9:00 pm at Tun for open mike night and/or attend his farewell show at Tun also on June 6th.

Stop by, say hi, buy him a beer or a bourbon and ask him why, in the words of Hank Williams jr. “must he live out the songs that he wrote sings”..

Some people are just special, no other adjective can be used to describe them! Beijing Rob is one of those!

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1 Response

  1. Mika says:

    Rob is a nice guy, shame he fell in with the Altruistic Alcoholics, the behavior of that Australian woman really upset some members of the foreign community.
    Good luck Rob, we’ll miss your music and fun attitude!