Fallen Warrior: Ian Sherman Memorial at 2kolegas

Buford, the other one, Nigel St G …. so many nicknames, so much talent, and a musical acumen rivaling the best of them all. The man also known as Ian Sherman, who spent his last few years in Beijing bringing musical joy through his regular “Indie Night” and comic relief through a little known ‘zine called “8 inches to the A–hole” left us behind and went for his new gig of “Exclusive DJ of the 7th Heaven”. Much could be said about him as a gentle soul, gentleman and scholar etc…. but no one can do him justice as much as himself!

Without him, the world is a far less amusing place!

Without him, the world is a far less amusing place!

Tonight, Friday June 5th 2009 is Ian Sherman Memorial at 2 Kolegas in Beijing with bands and friends gathering to remember the smiles and wittiness, grab a few drinks and just do what Ian would have been doing were he to be here with us today!
Beloved member of the Beijing music scene, rock critic, Indie Night DJ and Tag Team Records first mate, Ian Sherman passed away on April 9. Now, the scene joins together in celebrating his life. RandomK(e) performs a selection of Van Morrisson tunes (at Ian’s request), as well as a song written for Ian. There will be speeches, posters designed by Ian, photos, copies of Ian’s writing and lots of drinking and sharing stories.

His contributions on thebeijinger forums were much appreciated and always brought a smile to my face! The whole thread about Indie Night on there with all its posters is a classic that will hopefully remain with us for a while so that we can stare at the posters he created and the absurdly funny tag lines such as: Fighting for a Beyonce-free Beijing since 2005 ( view the thread here )

My Favorite Ian Sherman alter-ego will always remain Nigel_stg, main instigator for 8 inches to the a—hole ( http://www.8ioa.com/ ) and it is a shame that we no longer have that bit of bright sunshine… that being said, it’s still a great read!

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2 Kolegas 两个好朋友
21 Liangmaqiao Lu,
Inside the drive-in movie theater park

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