live from the stage: thursday music in Beijing

Thursdays are now the de-facto night for live music in Beijing with a multitude of choices all across the spectrum. All the usual suspects have something going and you’re no doubt aware of what your favorite spot is doing! If the Dazemeister wasn’t otherwise occupied, these are the spots where i would head to for a little entertainment:

Mademoiselle Live at Nearby The Tree:

So yeah, Mademoiselle have moved over from enoteca and the place in favor of the Sanlitun area with a new regular gig at Nearby the Tree (yes, it is related to the Tree). I got an SMS about the event that sums it all up:

Tonight, “mademoiselle” is playing at Nearby The Tree from 9 at San Li Tun, Behind Yashow and west of the Police station! It’s free and the Belgian Beer is great

I’ve been to Nearby a few times and find it nicer/cleaner than the Tree but I’m not sure how the audio will fare there. That said, “Mademoiselle” knows what she’s doing and if she got Enoteca pumping, she’s more than capable of taming the sanlitun crowd.

“Tannenberg & Meyer” – Live at Ginkgo


On the other side of town, Ginkgo continues their unplugged thursday tradition with yet another unusual band: “Tannenberg & Meyer – Live Jazz duo”. I admit I don’t know much about these folks but the description sounds interesting and definitely worth a trip to andingmen:

Jörg Tannenberg and Sebastian Meyer are two german guys, well educated in jazz who meet to celebrate the art of the duo. Using jazz guitar and double-bass they perform jazz standards, ballads, latin music and their own original compositions. Like ying and yang the two musicians give and take energy to create a overall balance.

When I think German music, I see images of “the Scorpions”, “ramstein” and “milli vanilli” … not sure where in the spectrum does this duo fit and that alone would make it worth catching them. It’s all gonna depend on how the evening shapes up.. it’ll be another excuse to try ginkgo’s flavored brandy-esque infusion

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