Zombie Girls Waiting to Meet You on Video

Quick… what do Videos, Zombie Chickens, Girls Are Waiting to Meet You and Beijing have in common?

Well, here comes: Andy Deemer, director of Poultrygeist ( a zombie chicken flick) just finished directing the video for “Zombie Girl” , a track by Beijing’s own Girls Are Waiting to Meet You (see story on City Weekend’s website )

gotta love the matching outfits... these cats got style

gotta love the matching outfits... these cats got style

I have drummed up Girls “Are Waiting to Meet You” or GAWTMY a few times on here before and I can honestly they’re one of my favorite musical finds of 2009. The band is cool and definitely not one of a 1000 copycats roaming the clubs and bars of Beijing. They released their album a few months ago and I was one of the first in line to catch them and download the songs and I have already listened to the album a few times over…. so, what’s the verdict?

This is one cool record and it’s definitely different from everything else I have in my itunes library especially with a distinct lack of guitars which is unusual: only 3 out of 10 songs have a six string sound on them!

“Fortune Teller” is undoubtedly the highlight of the record and has shot in my top 50 most played songs quite quickly. It so uptempo and livelly I just want to stomp on the floor. The melody is catchy, fresh and just fits the lyrics to a T.
“Majestic Tree” and “Early Findings” are also right up there with the latter slowly growing on me. There are hints of Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave scattered throughout the song and Natan’s vocal are rougher than on any of the other songs. It captures the rawness and energy of their live performances which I missed in some of the other tracks. The rest of the album is a mixed bag of midtempo rhythms!
With “I’m a writer” I can’t really make up my mind. It starts at a nice pace with good uptempo beats then the violins take over and finally the vocals… only to start it all over again. Natan’s vocal’s shine halfway through the song when then bridge the two halves but it seems slightly schizophrenic to me!

I was disappointed that “Zombie Girl” which they premiered at the album release party was not included! The song lyrics and melodies haunted me for a few days. I expressed my disappointment to Donna Renae, the band’s drummer and she informed me that they were holding the song and making a video for it! So, I was one happy camper when I got this little facebook message:

Greetings GAWTMY fans,

To those in China who can still access Facebook, this is a reminder that the band are launching the ‘Zombie Girl’ video at Yugong Yishan this Thursday, 3rd September. The band will play a full set after unveiling the video produced by US Horror movie hotshot Andy Deemer. There will also be CD copies of the album available for sale and hopefully a limited run of beautiful T shirts. It looks set to be quite a GAWTMY extravaganza.

Doors open at 9 with support from Perdel and Alt Senior.

The album is available online now through WA3.cn in China and Amazon in the rest of the world. The Itunes version is pending and should be available in the next couple of weeks.

Hope to see those of you who live in Beijing at Yugong Yishan this Thursday. Tell all your friends!

See you there!


Yugong Yishan 愚公移山
3-2 Zhangzizhong Lu (100m west of Zhangzizhong Lu subway station),

Thebeijinger | Mobilenative (better map)

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