Beijing Quickslants: This week’s live music ain’t no turkey

Yes, it’s thanksgiving and yours truly loves this holiday.. while there’s a lot of things to be said about Turkeys, this weekend’s live show offerings are no turkey. We’re looking at one of the most solid lineups of live acts over a 3 day span that Beijing has seen in a while!


Friday Nov 27:

MADE IN NINGXIA @ 2Kolegas: Buyi, Wu & the Side Effects and Nucleus represent! Expect this one to be popular as Buyi has many groupies following them around the city and the country. I expected 2Kolegas to calm down in the winter but a recent trip there to catch DH & The Hellcats proved me wrong. Place still rocks in the cold of winter. 10pm, 40/30 RMB (students)

Saturday Nov 28:

Ah the choices… my oh my! this is a tough night to be a music fan in Beijing because it is so bloody tough to pick:

The Redbucks @ Tiny Salt: Our good friends play what i consider the coming out party of Tiny Salt as a music venue in Beijing. Whether these ruckus-raising ramblers are singing about love and lust or moonshine and misdemeanor, there will always be something to dance, drink or sing to – and often all the above.

Wen Jun channeling her inner Joan Jett / Patti Smith

Wen Jun channeling her inner Joan Jett / Patti Smith

Guai Li @ D22: These cats are really tearing up the music scene in Beijing. I honestly believe they’re one of the best live bands around despite the fact that i’ve only seen them on video. Friends whose musical taste I trust swear by them and they followers are just as fanatic as those of BUYI and XTX. Xi’an indie trio 24 hours and Hong Kong rockers The Offset: Spectacles complete the bill. RMB40.

Rustic @ 2Kolegas: 2009’s version of Motley Crue! These guys recently won the China leg of Global Battle of the Bands and yes, they are good. With names like Rikki Sixx (bass) & Lucifer Li (vocals), how can you not like them? See an interview with them here and don’t forget to scroll down to the comment section for color commentary by Rikki Sixx himself.

Sunday Nov 29:

As if saturday was not busy enough, sunday brings it’s fair share of goodies.. let’s call it “music to get over your hanger by”

Time to meet the new girls that are waiting to meet you

Time to meet the new girls that are waiting to meet you

– GAWTMY @ Jianghu Jiuba: Good friends GAWTMY are back with a few new members, or as they like to say: “The Return of the Girlsformer: Bigger, Larger and Longer” (I would add “hairier” ). I’ve written about GAWTMY many times in the past and really love what the band does. Their live shows are infectious and i’m looking forward to the new lineup and their take on earlier material. Definitely NOT a bad thing to do on a sunday.

– Bigger Bang + guests @ Yugong Yishan: I really like bigger bang and still think they are one of the most underrated live acts around. These kids know how to put on a show and i have been impressed every time I’ve seen them

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