Beijing quickslants: This week’s live music offering is fully schyzo

last week was good and brought on some cool music surprises! This week might not rival it but it’s still a damn solid set of live performances!
we got folk, we got rock, we got punk and everything in between!!!


Thursday Dec 3:

Chimera @ Ginkgo: I wrote about these two ladies, Kamila and Sarah, earlier this week. Their show is very much uptempo folk with lotsa witty lyrics and fun. You can see the passion on their faces as they stand on stage and smile through each song. This will be their last gig in Beijing for a while as they get ready to go roam around India for a little while.

Friday Dec 4:

GAWTMY @ 2 Kolegas: Hot on the heels of their v 2.0 debut this past sunday, the Girls are hitting 2 kolegas for what should be a more revealing show, not to mention a livelier one as they will have space on stage. yours truly is one of their unashamed groupies (and contrary to the rumors, sexual favors have nothing to do with it) considering the number of times they made an appearance on this little blog. What can i say? I love originality and they are original.

Old WHAT BAR Showcase @ D22: another gig that is worth travelling to Haidian for! This one is sure to bring together some of the veteran players in the music scene and see them reminiscing about old time over some longnecks. It’s basically a get together of a few house bands from the old WHAT BAR… expect a baijiu fumes in the air.

DH & The Hellcats @ Mao: Old favorites of ours hit the gulu area for a twisting-jiving-swinging good time. They keep on getting better each time I see them and I’m getting used to DH at this point. She’s been mostly hiding her tattoo so there are less risks of nightmares

Papier Tigre @ Yugong Yishan: Color me intrigued! A heavy punk band without a bass player. They’re French and they sing in English. I caught some videos of their previous china tour on yukou and it does sound good if you’re into punk.

Saturday Dec 5:

Mademoiselle @ Ginkgo anniversary party: Now this should be a fun night! Mademoiselle has literally vanished from the Beijing scene over the past few months and I for one have missed her infectious energy and sensual rhythms. This being the one year anniversary of Ginkgo sets up the stage for a long night of music, dancing and fun

Brain Failure @ D-22: Undoubtedly the highlight of this week’s live shows! Brain Failure goes acoustic for one night and new kids on the block RUSTIC open for them. It’s basically 2 musical generations coming head to head in one of Beijing’s premier venues. Man, couldn’t they pick some other day? Saturday is busy enough in Chaoyang without the need for a trek to haidian. Should be worth the ride and the admission fee.

The Redbucks @ jiangjin Jiuba: Last chance to catch these hellraising, floor-stomping, banjo playing and hollering bunch in 2009. As they put it themselves, they’re playing their favorite local dive and it’s sure to be fun!