Beijing Quickslants: Another solid weekend of live jive with bluegrass, folk, metal & Indie

the licks keep on coming! I need to clone myself so that i can make all these gigs, I swear!

Thursday Dec 10:

– James Brodie @ Ginkgo: Scotsman, James Brodie, writes comedic schizo-folk songs drawn from his time living as an expat in China. Brodie is a madman on a soapbox whose songs string together truths as they come to him, singing in Chinese, French, English, and Chinglish. His wild performing style and hilarious lyrics always have the audience in stitches.

Friday Dec 11:

Things are getting really serious here folks.. This is one of those musical nights in Beijing that shows no mercy and takes no prisoners!

ChunQiu band Unplugged Session @ Jianghu Jiuba: Kaiser Kuo and his gang bring out the guitars performing the latest unplugged works of Spring and Autumn in Jianghu Bar. I saw some videos of ChunQiu and can’t imagine what this is gonna be like unplugged so definitely a must check for me.

Voodoo Kungfu + Traditional Folk Orchestra @ Mao: I’m listening to Voodoo Kungfu as I type this and I’m positively impressed. Mixing a Metal band with a folk orchestra bears something poetic of sorts! Check them out at for a little taste. I can’t say it better than the folks from city weekend: When Beijing metal maniacs Voodoo Kungfu join forces with a full on Chinese traditional folk orchestra, all bets are off. What does lightning guitar shredding sound like next to a dizi and matouqin? Come find out.


Tag Team Christmas @ 2kolegas: This is serious jamming folks! Tag Team brings out their whole lineup of bands for an all night affair with a monster jam session in the end. It’s also for a good cause so 2 birds with 1 stone here. Their flyer specifies a start time of 9:00 p.m. but I ain’t buying it. I have never been to a show that started on time there! Still, probably the best bang for your buck and one hell of a chance to catch a whole bunch of Beijing’s indie bands like Arrows Made of Desire, Lonely China Day, RandomK(e) and more!. See the Beijinger write up on the topic.

Sat Dec 12:


Abigail Washburn & Friends @ yugong Yishan: Beijing’s own terrible child of blugrass comes back home. Expect plenty of roots music mostly in English but also a few songs in Chinese thrown in the mix to make the locals happy. Wonder if she can get The Redbucks on the same bill… would be a cool show if she did.

Zhang Si’an and Wu & the side-effects @ Jianghu Jiuba: If Bluegrass ain’t your thing, then this is the alternative on saturday evening. These birds are pretty fly and put on an exciting show with a mix of sounds… should be an interesting little time in one of my new favorite Beijing joints.