Beijing Live Music Quickslants: it’s full on jingle bell rocks with great lineups

Can’t really say Christmas came early this year but I can definitely get on board with the line up of shows available in the northern capital on Christmas Weekend. From bossanova to metal, going through punk and funk, if you want it honey, Beijing’s got your disease:


Wednesday Dec 23:

Gia Wang @ Yugong Yishan: I missed her first show in her new incarnation but i’m gonna make a point to catch her tonight. I’m still curious about the transition from being one of China’s premier punk rockers to a gentle melodic artist. i have not heard anything in terms of reviews of her first show so I guess i gotta go and find it out for myself. Starts around 9:30 and I’m not sure who the opening act is

Thursday Dec 24:

Christmas Eve bash @ 2Kolegas: Short of being with family, you should hit 2 kolegas for one of the best lineups of the year: DH & the Hellcats, The Subs and Ziyo! All 3 bands can headline a show there any given night but this is a great opportunity to catch them all at the same place for one low price! This is Christmas folks… and one hell of a show! Please do not develop any crushes on Ziyo’s Helen Feng!!! SHE IS MINE….*cue in evil laugh*

Cui Jian @ Beijing Exhibition Center: It’s probably sold out by now but worth a mention if you can find some last minute tickets! The godfather of Chinese Rock puts on one hell of a show. I would have loved to check it out but ain’t gonna happen! don’t let that stop you from trying!

Carsick Cars @ D-22: The west side gets their own little shindig with a local favorite. Hedgehog is also on bill… One day, I swear I will make it there. tomorrow is not it though.

Friday Dec 25:

Nothing that’d make me leave my house in terms of live music. There is a cool little documentary being shown at CNEX Cafe about the birth of rock in china though and i’m really liking that area of town! Despite the lack of exposure, they’re trying hard to do something different! learn more about it here: Night of an Era : Screening and Director Q & A

Saturday Dec 26:

Metal Night @ Mao: I don’t even try and guess who is playing when it comes to Mao Live or what order they’re playing in. Taht said, the shows are always worthwhile and you’re gonna get plenty of bang for your buck.

2 Responses

  1. am says:

    Gia’s first set was a bit odd. She has an amazing stage presence, is breath takingly beautiful and is a wonderful performer and the new music is very loungy and nice but it was clear that the audience was a bit confused over the new style. It was at MAO – a clear mismatch – it should be in a loungebar and not a rock venue.

    The second set was part acoustic and part electric – one very good rock version of one of the new songs (bubbles) – she also played one HOTB song which got the party started. Many people had already left here unfortunately.

    Very brave of her to try something completely different in the often stale Beijing rock scene and the result is interesting, but such a performance needs a different venue and an audience who is aware of what they are going to see.

  2. Beijing Daze says:

    Thanks for the feedback Am. I’m looking forward to checking her show out and seeing it for myself.

    The choice of venues can be tricky but maybe Yugong Yishan is much better for what she is doing now.

    I’ll make sure I report