Running wild in the night or how Pet Conspiracy took over Yugong Yishan

I got home last friday from the office and wasn’t feeling too well, something about having an early train to catch was also playing on my mind so I was there just debating whether i would go to Pet Conspiracy’s gig at Yugong Yishan. After much debating between me, myself and I, we reached an agreement and hopped in a taxi.

As soon as I arrived outside the old governor’s mansion, I could feel something was different! There was a line to get in the club for starters and the only other time i had seen that was when Joyside played their farewell show last year.

Jam Packed doesn't even describe this

Inside, the chaos was out of this world: The coat check ran out of space to check coats and the dance floor, which was usually fairly ok, was packed tighter than than a chinese train during spring festival.
The show started around 23:00 and the place erupted! It was a cacophony of sounds, lights and special effects the likes of which i had not seen since NIN played the Chaoyang Pop Fest a few years ago.
Yugong Yishan was completely transformed into a Pet playground and rightfully so…. There was nothing the band could do wrong that night!

Horse heads and Chains.. aka another Pet Conspiracy show

The show kicked off with horse heads straight from Sicily and chains not to mention electro beats that one couldn’t help but shake their bottoms to and it was all downhill after that, in a good way.

The Ladies took turns at harmonies and lead vocals depending on the songs with Helen doing most of the heavy lifting as required even changing costumes at some point and sporting a black overcoat with a hat before making out with a bandmate. Not the be outdone, the guys traded instruments and exchanged a long French kiss drawing cheers from the audience.

Stand up and Show Some Flesh.... yes M'am!!!

A highlight of the show was the mention of MR. Gay China with Helen saying: “We’d like to dedicate this song to Mr. Gay China who unfortunately couldn’t be here” because it didn’t f–king happen” drawing boos from the crowd. After which she dragged audience members onstage and asked to see some Flesh.. and she got it!

so we had stagedives, nakedness, public display of affection, chains, horses, S&M, dry humping and all of that in one condensed 2 hour show. We also had the Beijing Stars out in force with members of BUYI, Black Cat Bone, Xie Tianxiao and Bad Apples spotted inside the venue. If you just the quality of a show by the starpower in the audience, this one was up there!!!

Grand Finale with audience rushing the stage and partying up a storm with the band members

What can I say? This show was amazing. The music, despite it not being “my type” was pretty darn good and dance-able. The showmanship was fantastic and the stage production masterful! The band was tight and on the ball with vocals, harmonies, instruments, visual effects etc… It was THE PERFECT SHOW!

and to even think that i almost didn’t go! What a shame it would have been…. I can guarantee that I will be at the next one and early enough to check my coat and get on the dance floor.

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