live quickslants: The Birds are set free and everyone else back in town

Birds being set free this week with 3 shows!!!

By Jove!!! Beijing is out on a mission to make up for not having any decent live music options over the CNY so we’re getting sonic bombed with goodies for the second week in a row! This week’s offers are even more substantial than the last one:

Wednesday March 3

Michael Dalin Trio @ Salud: I’m a big fan of Michael as a songwriter and singer, not to mention a person. He’ll be playing a free gig at Salud in NLGX with special guests including FeiZai who I’ll be writing about shortly. Should be good fun for a wednesday night and the Rums don’t hurt.

Thursday March 4

3rd Maryinn @ Yugong Yishan: Arts meets Music with appearances by a shitload of decent bands including Rustic, The Molds, 24 Hours amongst others. There will also be an opportunity to buy art pieces all under 400 RMB. should be cool..

Friday March 5

M’beewan @ Jianghu: Reggae man extrordinaire is back to Beijing just in time for the weather to warm up. There was loads of fun to be had on his last trip as he was cooperating with tons of artist on musical mashups that rocked. Nice to have the rastaman back..

Saturday March 6

Rock Year 1999-2010 @ Mao: Free the Birds -for their second show of the week- along with, Toy Head, and Rolling Rolling amongst others. Definitely an interesting show to check out! I heard some good stuff about Rolling Rolling in the past and my fascination for all things Helen Feng just gets deeper by the minute.

but the real goodie on that night is

BEYOND THE OCEAN @ Yugong Yishan: Carsick Cars, White, AV Okubo, Xiao He and P.K. 14 all of whom are Maybe Mars artists, are headed State-side for SXSW 2010, the country’s largest indie music festival. This a warmup gig before they hit the road and a good chance to get acquainted with Beijing’s finest offering in commercial indie.

Special Mention Monday March 8

Ladies Night @ Yugong Yishan: I’m prebooking myself on this one! Free the Birds ( 3rd show in less than a week), DH & The Hellcats as well as Bigger Bang are set to unleash a dancing storm at Yugong Yishan. that’s one hell of an offering for a monday night with 3 of the better acts in this city if you ask me.. All seasoned professionals that know how to put on a show

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