Lamb of God ripe for slaughter: Twice grammy nominated artist comes to Beijing

so, we’re all busy complaining about Dylan not coming (me first), Bjork fucking things up for the rest of us and the show of peace being moved/cancelled talking about how no one tours China anymore but we have to just take a step back sometimes and realize that it ain’t that bad:

Love them or hate them, the backstreet boys just pulled off a gigantic concert at the Wukesong Stadium. Beyonce came here last year and there was a myriad of indie artists ( granted, i never heard of most of them) that made it to Beijing recently.

The next arrival a band that’s been together for a while now, twice grammy-nominated and whose latest album debuted at #2 in the US billboard charts. They have released in total 6 records, 1 live album and 3 live DVDs.
they have been touring Europe extensively as headliners but also as the opening act. I don’t know about you but that pedigree sounds pretty impressive to me… things is, sounds impressive until i tell you that the band in question is LAMB OF GOD and that’s when i get excited and most people go “who?” yeah, it’s metal

Here’s the press release that’s been running around:

Lamb of God’s first 2 live concerts in China!
only on April 11th, 13th in Beijing!

walk with them in hell

It will be the first time and a historical tour for LAMB OF GOD, the twice Grammy nominated band, lands in Beijing this April.

Talking about their upcoming China tour, Randy Blythe, the band’s vocalist, cited with excitement what he had said to Metallica, “we will do something before you for once!”, during a recent interview on the road of tours with Metallica in 2009. According to him, Metallica’s Lars said “you can’t go to China!”, because Metallica hasn’t had a chance to come to China.

Lamb of God, the American heavy metal band, is currently a fashion craze. They have been nominated twice for the Grammy Award’s Best Metal Performance. The first nomination came in 2007 for their 2006 album Sacrament, while the other in 2010 for their 2009 album Wrath, along with Judas Priest, Megadeth, Ministry and Slayer.

They toured with Metallica as a direct support during 2008 and 2009 world tours for over 100 concerts.
The band’s cumulative sales equal almost two million in the United States.

Lamb of God Live In Beijing 2 concerts 2010!

Venue: Star Live House
Address: 3/F, No.79, Hepingli Xijie, Dongcheng District,Beijing
Date: Apr.11th 2010 & Apr.13th 2010

Door Time 19:00
Show Time 19:30

Admittedly, Lamb of God might not be to everyone’s taste ( I am aware of the understatement) but the fact and the matter is that it is a high caliber band that is making it to china so the situation is not as bad/desperate as we make it out to be sometimes.
If Lamb of God can come to the StarLive and play without a problem, what’s stopping Dylan from doing it?

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