Metal Thunder: Lamb Of God Rocks Beijing for their first ever show in China

We might complain every so often (ok we do it a lot) about the lack of great musical names coming to Beijing but on sunday night, about 500 people at The Starlive would have disagreed. They were busy jumping up and down, headbanging, screaming and generally having the time of their life as Lamb of God (LoG) descended on Beijing to deliver an education in Metal.

For Those About To Rock, We Salute You

I’ve been to a few “Metal” shows in Beijing over the past years but I can’t say that I have been impressed by anyone other than maybe Voodoo Kungfu who freaked the living shit out of me a few months back at Mao (see videos of that show here). I was actually hoping that they might open for LoG but 堕天 (The Falling) & 肆伍 (FourFive) were in charge of getting the festivities started. I only caught the tail end of The Falling’s performance but they sounded as good as the last time i heard them. It was my first time seeing FourFive live and all i can say is that their lead singer got some pipes: That man can scream! Overall, a decent appetizer with a great main course to follow!

Great Crowd

Nihao Beijing screamed vocalist Randy Blythe as he got on stage and the crowd roared in response as the band launched into the first song of a blistering set. The 500+ audience had the horns up in the air and was right up there with the band swinging heads/hands with all the energy they could muster. All in all, they played about 12 songs of which i recognized Set to Fail, The Passing , Walk With Me In Hell, Now You’ve Got Something To Die For, Ruin, Laid to Rest & Contractor.
Despite the potential language barrier, Randy kept propping the audience and enticing them to giving all they got and they responded in kindness. Here is a taste:

Walk With me in Hell:

Intro 1 & 2:

A few things stood out in this show:

1- It was easy to see how good the band was: guitars, bass, drums, solos, vocals and all, they were the full package
2- I could sing along to Walk with me in Hell and that’s it! I was quite surprised when during some songs, i could notice a huge part of the audience singing along to some other songs like Now You’ve Got Something to Die Fo or how crazy they went when the band announced Ruin.
3- The band owned the audience from the get go and learned the 3 words that are essential when playing in China: Nihao (hello), Niubi (awesome) & Xiexie (thank you).
4- The difference between the opening acts and Lamb of God was comparable to the difference between little children and grown up men.
5- The crown was decidedly a wudaokou one with a mix that was reminiscent of 13 club but that is hardly surprising considering 13 club is metal mecca in Beijing.

Props to Guitar China for organizing the show and big ups to Lamb of God for coming to Beijing. Props also should go out to the audience for being great that night and hopefully showing that there is a market for quality metal in Beijing.

I’m gonna give my ears some rest until Tuesday night when i get to go for the sonic onslaught yet again!

In the meantime, check out more photos here:

Learn more about the opening bands:
堕天 The Falling on Myspace
肆伍 On Douban

See Lamb of God on Tuesday April 13 for their second Beijing gig @ The Starlive

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2 Responses

  1. Justin says:

    Great review. I am glad your nation was able to enjoy one of the best American heavy metal bands of the last 20 years. Thanks for the review 🙂

  2. harold says:

    dude. I am jealous. Have been practicing Laid to Rest on my guitar to compensate for missing the show.