Live Aid for Yushu Tonight @ Mako Livehouse: Charity Folk Show to Help Earthquake Victims

In light of the tragic events in Qinghai, Beijing’s folks music community has decided to stand up and try to help anyway they could. In that optic, they have organized a charity concert at Mako Livehouse! (map)
More info is available about the shows at The Beijinger & Global Times. The Global Times piece gives a good perspective on how they plan to use the proceeds.
The festivities start at 8pm, with the following line-up:

Dongzi (冬子)
Wang Juan (王娟)
Zhang Zhi (张智)
Zhou Yunpeng (周云蓬)
Shao Xiaomao (邵小毛)
Wu Tun (吴吞)
Wu Junde & Traveler (吴俊德 & 旅行者)
Aynchin (阿吟琴乐队)
Wan Xiaoli (万晓利)
Zhang Weiwei & Guo Long (张玮玮 & 郭龙)
Xiao He (小河)
Xiao Zhou (小舟)
Ma Tiao (马条)

“Pray for Yushu” charity concert takes place at Mako Live House on April 22 (tonight). RMB 70, RMB 60 (advance). 8pm. Inside Hongdian Art Factory, Courtyard 36 (500m south of Carrefour Shuangjing, inside small alley), Guangqu Lu, Chaoyang District (5205 1112/3) 朝阳区广渠路36号院红点艺术工厂内(幸福贝贝南边)

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