Legend on BeijingDaze: A track from Metal Legends ChunQiu (no longer available)

Thanks to Kaiser Kuo and ChunQiu for “Legend”.. it was downloaded 143 times in April and 163 times in may as of yesterday before I removed it!!! I really hope you guys enjoyed it and that you will be singing/headbanging at one of their shows soon!

I started last week celebrating 1 year of BeijingDaze.com by offering exclusively an unreleased EP by Mademoiselle that so far has seen close to 100 downloads. (get it here)

Today, we continue the celebration with a track courtesy of rock pioneer and legend, Kaiser Kuo of ChunQiu. I reached out to Kaiser yesterday he was graceful enough to send in a track from ChunQiu’s 2006 album “Spring Autumn”. This track is called “legend” and is a good representation of what ChunQiu does best: Blend Chinese Folk with Heavy Metal. Huge props up to Kaiser who’s been a great friend and supporter of what we’re doing here!

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for May 14th: ChunQiu and Bad Mamasan invade Yugong Yishan for a double dose of true to goodness old fashioned Metal