(no longer available) Daisy Sweetgrass gives you “Never Lonelier” to keep you company

Thanks to Daisy for “Never Lonelier”.. it was downloaded 218 times in April and 133 times in may as of yesterday before I removed it!!!

We’re on a roll folks thanks to the amazing contributions of our Beijing buddy musicians… We’ve already had Mademoiselle and her Gypsy Jazz, ChunQiu (Spring Autumn) with Mando-Metal and Black Cat Bone with their brand of Blooze..
Next up, a lady whose vocals makes grown men weep in amazement, One whose smile is enough to brighten the darkest of nights and whose voice was described as angelic by myself and other friends: The lovely Daisy Sweetgrass!

oh yes Miss Daisy

One of the first interviews i did on this blog (read here) was with Daisy and it was only natural that I’d have one of her songs here! In this particular case, the song is an original called Never Lonelier and it does her skills justice. It’s one hell of an organic tune with Miss Daisy and her guitar, tete-a-tete! It’s a great little acoustic song with a good country feel to it. Grab it while it’s available 🙂

Miss Daisy, while accomplished on her own as you can see from the recording section in her website, is also part of Beijing’s one and only bluegrass band ( and good friends) The Redbucks. They’ve been busy in the studio putting the finishing touches on their CD that will be out hopefully in early june (more new on that soon).

I wanna thank daisy for taking the time to send the song! Please don’t forget to checkout Daisy’s website for more pictures/information and to get her tunes. Also check out what she’s up to with The Redbucks

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