Beijing Quickslants: Yes, we got festivals but there’s much more too

Unless you been living under a rock ( and even then), you know that we’re just a few days away from the biggest festival season in this side of China. We have no less than 3 of them babies happening in and around Beijing with a little something for everyone! Check The Beijinger and City Weekend as well as We Live in Beijing for extensive coverage
Yours truly is definitely hitting MIDI for at least days 2 & 3 while the jury remains on Day 1. I might take that particular day to head out to Tongzhou to get a feel for the Strawberry festival since i didn’t make it last year and they got a solid lineup.

but, truth is, a lot of people won’t feel like going to Haidian, Tongzhou or Hebei to get their fix of music… what’s left for them? a whole lotta stuff I tell ya!

Friday April 30:

3rd Year Anniversary @ Obiwan: Yup, they’ve been around for 3 years against all odds and in Beijing, that is definitely cause for celebration! I’m glad to see that they’re still toughing it out in one of the most obscure but pleasant locations in Beijing. The fantastic Jess Meider heads the festivities for what she describes as a long long set.

Reggae Party @ 2Kolegas: Skarving, the Ska ensemble, and M’beewan will be there jamming the night away before DJs take over to keep the party going until the wee hours of the morning. This is the last official date on M’beewan’s spring tour in Beijing and it should be great fun! I actually finally got a chance to see him play this past saturday at Ginkgo and the guy is freaking good.

Saturday May 1

Other than the festivals, there isn’t much happening on this side of Chaoyang. A lot of DJs and electronica all over town except…

4th Year Anniversary @ D22: Gee…. it’s already been 4 years??? or is it more appropriate to ask “it’s only been 4 years?” because it’s hard to remember pre-D22 days. expect performances by the usual suspect like Carsick Cars, AV Abuko, hedgehog and possibly Rustic IF they’re back in town. It’s gonna be a wild one!

Sunday May 2:

GAWTMY @ Jianghu bar: The girls are really in good shape these days! It feels like the new lineup has finally taken and come together. I saw them last week at a private gig and they were on freaking fire! I’m always ecstatic about GAWTMY but now even more so than before.

Proximity Butterfly @ 2Kolegas: interesting little lineup they got tonight with 4 bands on. Proximity is from Wuhan and I can’t say i’ve heard them before but they oughta be some kind of good if Bigger Bang and The Amazing Insurance Salesman are all opening for them.

The weather is rumored to be nice so it’s definitely the weekend to get outdoors and pretend we have a spring in Beijing.