Exclusive Free Track: Zombie Girl by GAWTMY ( No Longer Available)

Thanks to Girls Are Waiting to Meet You for the previously non released “Zombie Girl”.. it was downloaded 47 times in April and 182 times in may as of yesterday before I removed it!!!

The Goodies just keep on coming from the amazing musicians we have in Beijing: We’ve already had Mademoiselle and her Gypsy Jazz, ChunQiu (Spring Autumn) with Mando-Metal and Black Cat Bone with their brand of Blooze and the angelic folky sounds of the one and only Daisy Sweetgrass.

Now, our friends over at Girls Are Waiting To Meet You deliver one amazing present: for the first time ever, the Zombie Girl track is available anywhere!!! you’ve seen the video directed by Andy Deemer ( also below) and heard the track live but there was nowhere you could buy/download the track until now… exclusively on BeijingDaze for 1 week (so get it fast)

Zombie Girl video, directed by Andy Deemer

I just the Girls play on sunday night after MIDI at Jianghu jiuba where they put on a hell of a show despite being short a few members including Adam, their musical swiss army knife… I was a bit worried as the sax is such an important part of their sounds but they have reworked things nicely (more on that in another post). The band gets a lot of coverage on this blog and i do go out of my way to catch them, true! that is just a testament to their uniqueness! I love what they do and how dedicated they are to doing it. I did fear the worst when Natan left the band but Aaron has stepped in and is slowly blossoming into one hell of a front man! his energy is nothing short of infectious.
ok, so here, without delay, I give you Zombie Girl

Zombie Girl by GAWTMY (No Longer Available)

You can also show your support to the band and download their record from Wa3, the exclusive online purveyor of their music in China:

A huge thank you to Girls Are Waiting to Meet You for doing this and allowing the song to be available for the first time ever on BeijingDaze. Also, huge thanks to Matthew D from wa3.cn for giving his permission and allowing us to give you this great song. Now, you got it and i expect all of you to be singing it along with the band at their next show!

More Girls are Waiting to Meet You on BeijingDaze :
– Interview with lead singer Aaron Rosa ( March 2010)
Interview with drummer Donna Renae (October 2009)
Interview with composer and previous frontman Natan Doron (June 2009)

Official Website: http://www.gawtmy.com/

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  1. Newsbabe says:

    Just a quick note; thanks for all your support, Badr, you are our #1 groupie! And a shout-out to the guy who mixed this track–Al Strowger–who has something very special up his sleeve. Watch this space for details!

    Donna (a.k.a. Helen)
    GAWTMY Drummer