Free Tracks: RandomK(e) brings in twisters and eats with a spoon

That header just makes me smile!
The Goodies just keep on coming from the amazing musicians we have in Beijing: We’ve already had Mademoiselle and her Gypsy Jazz, ChunQiu (Spring Autumn) with Mando-Metal and Black Cat Bone with their brand of Blooze, the angelic folky sounds of the one and only Daisy Sweetgrass and the last one was from our old friends who keep reinventing themselves in light of all the adversity that faces them Girls Are Waiting to Meet You.

Now, the good guys at RandomK(e) are jumping in and helping us celebrate by throwing in 2 of their titles: “Twisting” & “Eat With a Spoon” which were both recorded live and will give you a clear idea on what the band sounds like. The K(e) just celebrated their 5th year together with a huge party at 2Kolegas a few weeks ago! Here’s to 5 more years of good music and partying together!
Special shout outs to Jackson who found the time to send in the tracks knowing that he is due to become a dad anytime now.. congratulations buddy!

Get Twisters and Eats Me with a Spoon here (zip file w/ 2 songs)

RandomK(e) is really one of those special exceptions in my book: The band, which is made up of expats, has survived longer than most in a city that is not usually kind to musicians! They’re different from the copycats out there and might not be everyone’s cup of tea but they got the street cred.

You can also show your support to the band and download their record from Wa3, the exclusive online purveyor of their music in China:

More RandomK(e) on BeijingDaze :
– Interview with drummer Jon Campbell ( January 2010)
Interview with bassist Jackson Garland (November 2009)

Official Website:

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