Beijing Music Quickslants: ChunQiu, Buyi, Rustic bring it on

After weeks of festivals and being spoiled with more music than the ear could listen to, we’re back to the regular end of the week routine of sifting through the gigs for palatable performances and while we might not have that many, we got some quality!

Thursday May 13th:

Zhou Yun Peng & Wu Tun @ Jianghu: This is the star of the night! Zhou Yun Peng has paid his dues around the sidewalks of Beijing before making it to the live houses and for a good reason. His little folksy ditties and his humor strikes a chord with a lot of locals who pack the venues to listen. Think of him as Bob Dylan meets Ray Charles! He might not have the Eyes to see but boy does he have vision.

Friday May 14th:

ChunQiu & Bad Mamasan @ Yugong Yishan: ChunQiu comes out of their acoustic winter ready to roar and goes electric again! Kaiser Kuo and his gang have been working and perfecting their craft all over Beijing playing unplugged for months now so it’s gonna be good to have them rock out again. Bad Mamasan supports with a good dose of old fashioned honest to goodness Metal. Stay tuned for a DO-Over with Jaime Welton about the gig and live recording later today.

Saturday May 15th:

BUYI @ Starlive: The Ningxia gang has been together for 15 freaking years rocking around Beijing. Rumor has it that new songs are on the way and Li Na, their Bass player away on maternity leave, might make an appearance. These boys know how to put on a show and get the audience singing and pumping! Worth every dime you spend on them. Get their live CD while you’re at it because it makes for one hell of a good listen.

Frank Turner & Rustic @ D22: Ok, I have no clue as to who Frank Turner is or how good he is but this will be Rustic’s first official gig since coming back from the UK and their win at Global Battle of the Bands. You can be sure that D-22 is gonna welcome their new heroes appropriately.

Sunday May 16th:

BUYI & Friends @ 2Kolegas: The 15th year anniversary party continues with the Ningxia boys on the lawn of 2 Kolegas where friends will come out, much on chuan’r, sing some songs and just have a jolly good time in the sun. This party might go unexpected places.

Lonely China Days Album Launch: this was originally scheduled at Mao Livehouse but there are no news at the moment on where the gig has been moved! I’m trying to find out but it’s proving tougher than expected with no updates on their website or on douban

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